January 31, 2013

Beauty Box Giveaway


Okay so this is like a total tease because I haven't gotten my pictures edited yet. lol I'm evil and slow like that but rest assured you will see a fantastic product...or products on my blog within the next hour. I was busy all day today, had to take my mother to the doctors for a quick check up and to get her meds. She is feeling a lot better, but they still hear something in her right lung. They're going to be checking her again because they don't want it to be something bad. So please bear with me as I get caught up on stuff! Thanks and good luck to everyone!

Book Review: Husbands


Husbands is what you think it is, a comic book about a gay couple and their totally awesome adventures. The story opens up to "the husbands" going through their gifts and getting sucked into a book which leads them through different times and different worlds. This book is a comedic romance, at least that how it came off to me. The overlying message is the love they have for each other and how it withstands all the funny situations they're put into. Now all the books are about 15 pages, but don't let that fool you into thinking they are not well written. Each book actually tells a complete story from start to finish. Now while they travel to different times and worlds the individual stories are actually drawn by different artists.These artists definitely infuse their styles into each book. From the highly emotional drawings of Ron Chan to the Archie-esque style drawn by Tama Del Rio, each book has a life of its own.

  • Book One - Drawn In: Drawn by Ron Chan
  • Book Two - The Well-Intentioned-But-Oblivious Prince and the Justifiably Belligerent Peasant or Equally Ever After: Drawn by Natalie Nourigat
  • Book Three - A Case of Assumption: Drawn by M.S. Corley 
  • Book Four - Nocte Machinas - Drawn by Ben Dewey
  • Book Five - Arch Nemesis - Drawn by Tama Del Rio
  • Book Six - Agent Secrets - Drawn by Ron Chan

Husbands is brought to you in book form from the web series written by Brad Bell and Jane Espenson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer). You can actually go and watch the web series one the Husbands Website. The comic brings to life (in 2d) the lives of Brady and Cheeks. They get a little drunk and end up married in Vegas and find out that marriage life isn't as bad as they thought it be. Husbands is hilariously funny and real, which real characters and okay unreal situations but the stories are well written. By the way I'd really recommend watching the web series, totally hilarious!

 Disclaimer: I received this book in order to do a review courtesy of Netgalley, all opinions are my own and no further compensation was given.

MorningStar Farms Grillers Original

MorningStar Farms Grillers - Original

So I hadn't tried the meatless hamburgers ever because lets face it, I'm a meat eater. I like hamburgers on a grill with some sharp cheddar cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, and some mayo. That sounds good doesn't it, well good in taste but not so much in health. A hamburger has tons of fat so good look finding a tasty hamburger for 130 calories. Well I've found one and it was really surprising.

So my first thought when I hear veggie burgers is some weird smelling and tasting hockey puck with no real meat flavor. I envisioned some weird cardboard texture as those health "nuts" try to sucker me into thinking their meatless burger is better than the real thing. So I didn't want to be to adventurous and try the black bean versions, I can say I've never even tried black beans. So I went with the original. You can't really ever go wrong with the original. The price was pretty affordable for 4 burgers and I was completely surprised that they were only 130 calories. They came four to the box and were packaged in singles. I wasn't too sure about how the little plastic package would hold up to my freezer. Nothing worse than some freezer burned burgers. *Note: the next day I did make another burger and no freezer burn. I still would  like to see different packaging, maybe one you can either pinch or zip close.

Another thing that I would have really like was for the burger to be a little more juicy. It was kind of flat and just sat there staring at me with its little sad flat face. Okay so it was kind of like a flat hockey puck after microwaving it. It was kind of dry and that really frightened me. I want a real burger feeling when I eat this so wasn't hopeful at all that this would turn out to be good. Guess what, I was wrong! Okay now make sure you screen shot that because it isn't often that I admit my errors. While the burger wasn't juicy, there wasn't any weird taste nor weird texture. It didn't feel like I was eating a piece of cardboard, or even a hockey puck. It had great flavor and I really didn't think it wasn't real meat. The next time though I did add some seasoning to it, something that I would do if I made hamburgers myself. These could have totally passed for a "insert fast food restaurant name here" burger, as it had the same texture just was that these are way healthier for you. I enjoyed my meatless veggie burger on some white bread with some nice juicy tomatoes, crisp lettuce, and some mayo. The tomatoes and mayo definitely helped with keeping the burger moist.

I'm definitely glad I gave these a chance and actually bought more because you can't beat a great tasting burger with only 130 calories. I really want to go back and get the "meat" crumbles because I totally see some "nachos compuestos" being made with them. So if you're looking for a meatless alternative I would really check out MorningStar Farms. The make a wide range of meatless products from burgers to sausages! They're products are all pretty affordable and available in many different stores across the country.

*Disclaimer: I got coupons from BzzAgent and MorningStar Farms to try out my choice of their product. All opinions are my own and no further compensation was given.

Book Review: Randomveus Volume 1



The story takes place in a really vivid and colorful place called Randomveus. Randomveus is well...totally, completely random. It seems like everything and anything is possible here. Anything that you can imagine can happen in Randomveus. You start out delivering packages with the main character, Raimundo. He has to deliver a package to a huge foot with a mouth? Yea, remember I said RANDOM. Raimundo is a courier and he has a pretty complicated life. He turns out to be wanted for some "unknown" reason. Which is actually just unknown to you, but not to me because I've read the book. He ends up being chased all around Randomveus dodging umm... random things all for some money and chowder. Yes you read that correctly, CHOWDER. Apparently there is some awesomely fantastic chowder and Randomveus and people are willing to kill for it.

Randomveus is so stylized with its bright colors and smooth lines. Its full of action and has a wide arrange of characters who are well developed, even if they are completely random. If you like Japanese manga then you will really like this comic book. It is well drawn and, believe it or not, has a good story behind it.

Disclaimer: I received this book in order to do a review courtesy of Netgalley, all opinions are my own and no further compensation was given.

January 30, 2013

Beauty Product Giveaway

Beauty Products 17 - 19

So here are three of my tried and true hair styling products. I love these as they help me to keep my hair looking great. 


The first product up is Tresemme's Curl Defining Spray Gel. Now this comes in handy whether you have natural curls or *gasp* don't. You don't need a whole lot so don't go wild with it. Its pretty cool how its a liquid, but its a gel....am I that easily amazed? This stuff is humidity resistant - aka no frizz! It has a great clean scent because its alcohol free. I love this stuff for when I want my curls to just shine and be free. Which is hard for me because curls and I have a love hate relationship. I just like my hair straight and sleek more than bunchy and curly. 

 Speaking about straight hair, if you straighten your hair you know that it can be really harsh on your hair. Reality is, is that your hair does get damaged every time you put a flat iron to it. The question is are you going to do a lot of damage or a little? So its necessary - no utterly important that you use protection. My go to product for that protection is Beyond The Zone's Turn Up The Heat flat iron spray. It has a great smell, its light weight, and leaves your hair silky smooth. You don't need a lot, which I love because that means that bottle will last longer. It's a great product to have so if you ever get a chance buy some up.

The last product is Suave Professionals Vibrant Shine Spray. I tried to photograph the sparklies inside the bottle which is why it looks cloudy. Those little sparklies are actually mineral bursts that leave your hair shining bright. Yes something else for shine because healthy hair shines ya know. It smells so good, it has some hint of citrus - like grapefruit. Then again maybe that's just what I smell. Either way you don't need a lot at all. Shake it up and spray it and you're good to go!


January 28, 2013

Book Review: Cherubs


Cherubs starts off in Heaven following a pack of misfit cherubs that aren't really needed anymore. They're all pretty much chilling when the first murder in Heaven takes place. Yes, that's right I said the first murder in Heaven. I didn't know murders could occur there, definitely not the band of cherubs who were quickly accused of it. So the group does the only thing they can think of at the time...run to Earth! Of course when they arrive no one on Earth thinks twice about some tiny baby looking men with wings is weird. Hey it's a comic, anything can happen.

Once they arrive on Earth they meet Mary, not that one of course. She is on the run as well and they band together to fight evil. Of course you'll have to read the book to find out if they come out on top or not.

Cherubs is filled with detailed whimsical illustrations and gritty writing. It was a good short read and left me wanting to read more. Bryan Talbot and Mark Stafford did a great job on this book and can't wait to read/see more from them.

Disclaimer: I received this book in order to do a review courtesy of Netgalley, all opinions are my own and no further compensation was given.

Beauty Product Giveaway #16

Beauty Product #16:
7pc Brush Set

I bought a set of these brushes for myself a while ago and knew these would be going into the giveaway as well. They're pretty basic brushes, great for newbies like me, but the "pros" can still get some great use out of them. Now they are lower end in price, but that definitely doesn't mean the quality is bad. I'm kind of harsh on my brushes and they have took the beating pretty well. I bought this set off of amazon.com for under $10.

 The 7 pc set comes with (l-r) eyebrow brush, mascara/eyelash brush, eyeshadow applicator, eyeliner brush (I use this as a contour brush), lip brush, smudger brush, and powder brush. I love the mascara/eyelash brush to get rid of those clump in mascara and to make sure my eyelashes are nice and spread out. I use the eyeliner brush to do my contour colors as it fits so neatly into my crease. Of course you can use it however you want. I actually use the lip brush as the eyeliner brush because, if you hadn't noticed I am not a huge fan of lipstick.
The brushes worked great and they've really become a great addition to my ever growing brush collection. I'm sure you guys will love them too! 

Oh and the little silver holder, well its obviously not real leather and at first has a weird smell. It does go away after awhile so no worries. It also has held up really well with being tossed around. No tears or anything so the quality isn't bad there either.

What do you hate the most when it comes to your beauty regime?


Book Review: The Curse of Dracula


The Curse of Dracula is definitely for the more mature reader. It doesn't have anything too out of control, but I wouldn't really like my 10yr old read it either. The story opens with a man being attacked by a swarm of vampires. A group of vampire killers feel generous enough to help him out, or maybe they just really enjoy killing vampires. You'll definitely recognize Van Helsing as no real story about vampire killing would leave him out. It is set in more present times, which I really liked. I also liked how the author adapted Dracula into a more modern villain. Dracula can make you or break you, literally, in this story. I seriously wouldn't want to go up against him. 

The story ends in a surprising way so I won't let the cat out of the bag. You'll have to read it if you want to find out if Dracula gets defeated. Hah, that's kind of funny to say that...as if Dracula could ever be defeated! Overall it was a great quick read full of a great story and good illustrations.   

Disclaimer: I received this book in order to do a review courtesy of Netgalley, all opinions are my own and no further compensation was given.

Book Review: Billy Fog and The Gift of Trouble

 Billy Fog and The Gift of Trouble

Billy Fog consists of three sections: poems, bestiary and miscellaneous. The illustrations throughout the book are kind of roughly drawn, but it fits perfectly with the feel of the book.

Billy Fog is just your typical young boy that finds himself in trouble. He has his pet cat that he essentially torments, but deep down he loves him. Sadly one day he finds his cat has died and realizes just how much it meant to him. He spends a lot of the time trying to find a way to bring his pet back. I think we've all felt the loss of a pet and wanted so much to be able to bring them back.

The bestiary is full of fantastic creatures. Every page has tons of information on them plus some helpful tips if you should ever happen to meet one. The miscellaneous section has a sort of catch all for poems and stories, but none really stray far from the main story of Billy Fog.  

The book has a more dark feel to it so I don't really know if it would be for younger children. I think preteens and up would really like it. It is really well written and I enjoyed the illustrations from cover to cover.

 Disclaimer: I received this book in order to do a review courtesy of Netgalley, all opinions are my own and no further compensation was given.

January 27, 2013

Beauty Box Giveaway Update

Beauty Box Giveaway Update

So it's Sunday morning and I'm getting ready to head out to the new CVS that just opened up down the road, literally! I now have a CVS about 2 minutes from my house, anyone know where I'll be at all the time? So I will show one more product for your face and then move on to hair and nails. I want to share with you guys some of my favorite hair care products. 

My hair comes second after my nails, I love my hair...sometimes. There are those days where it just won't cooperate and decides that mutiny is the only way to go. We all have those days where no matter the amount of product or mechanical torture (ie: blow dryer, curling iron, straightening iron, etc) we put our hair through it just won't work. It stages a strike on helping you look good because it just doesn't care if you have an important date that day. You'll just have to reschedule or go to the "classic" pony tail. Yes I have bad hair days, but some of the products I'm going to share with you in the next few days help me to have some great hair days. 

I'd love to see more comments from you guys and tell me what you think. Funny how I'm losing fans instead of gaining them right now. Do people not like great, FREE, wonderful, FREE, beauty products? Thanks for being fans guys and I hope that this will help you all be beautiful on the outside like ya'll are on the inside. (That sounds good right?)

January 26, 2013

Beauty Products 13 - 15 Announced


PRODUCTS 13 - 15


So while I haven't used these particular products, I have used other Sephora products and they are awesome. They have great quality products there and are mid range in price. Not too expensive so you can stock up on a few things. I have a three set for you guys which includes: mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss!I know whomever wins will be rocking a great new look with these.

SEPHORA #01 Clear: The mascara is a clear and great for lashes and eyebrows. This is great for those who already have dark thick lashes. I don't want any of you looking like Tammy Fay with all that thick clumpy mascara!

SEPHORA #02 Silver: The eyeliner is in silver and comes with a smudger. The eyeliner is super easy to apply gives some great sparkle to your look. The smudger is easy to use as well and does the job well.

SEPHORA #18 the Red-shiny: The lip gloss is super red, which is why I never touched it. Red lip gloss and me = a no go. lol This would look awesome on any of you though, I'm sure of it!


January 25, 2013

Beauty Products 10 - 12 - Announced!

So I got a little behind because of family issues that I'm going with that I hadn't been able to do my reviews like I want to. Even after the kids are all asleep I can't focus because my mind starts racing a mile a minute. So without further ado the next beauty products going into the box!

#10 - LORAC Eyeshadow


This was a great deep blue that went on so smoothly and was super intense with just one application. It did blend really well and lasted for hours without a single touch up. They go for about $12 ea at Sephora.



#11 - EF STUDIO Lip Gloss

The consistency of this lip gloss is super thick, rich, and creamy. The color is a creamy nude that gives just a little bit of color to your lips, but tons of moisturizer. Great lip gloss, but can be a bit on the pricey side for a bargain shopper.



#12 - ALMAY Intense I-Color
"Smoky-I Kit"

I loved this kit as it neatly puts everything in the correct order for you. For a beginner, like myself, this was really helpful. The colors were great and super easy to apply. It lasted for about 4 hrs before I had to touch up the colors a bit. Still a great palette for beginners and the pros. They're a bit mid range being about $7.00 ea, but with coupons you can get the price lowered a lot.

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January 23, 2013

Beauty Product #9 - SHANY Cosmetics Eyeshadows

Beauty Product #9

40 Color Palette

 So I was looking for some new eyeshadows to add to my collection and Shany Cosmetics got some great reviews. So I started small to try it out and got a 40 color palette for only $11.95! It has a wide range of colors, from neutral to modern.

This is with flash - colors look brighter than they really are.
This is without flash and much more true to how the colors look.

 The colors are matte which is fine with me because I'm not huge on shimmer. Plus I use NYX eye primer in shimmer which gives a little shimmer by itself. I chose green and yellow to try out first, the yellow wasn't very pigmented. It was pretty muted even though it looks really bright. I'm not sure if on lighter skin it would show up more, but I had to get some help from a different palette. The green was super pigmented as you can see. It went on smoothly and I didn't need a whole lot for it to show up. 

Yea I still need some practice!

Overall for the price I paid it was a great buy and I will be purchasing another palette from them. I bought it off of Amazon.com for a little under $12.00. It only took about a week to get home to me, which compared to other companies is pretty fast. I really recommend you getting them as they are super affordable and pigmented.

January 22, 2013

Beauty Product #8: Rimmel Polish


Rimmel Nail Polish
#286 Rags To Riches
I have become a quick fan of Rimmel polishes. They have a great variety in colors and are super affordable. They are less than $4 at most stores and there is normally a $1 off coupon in the paper. How convenient, right? So after my base coat on went "Rags to Riches", it is a nice shimmery olive green color. It has a olive base with hints of yellow and specks of dark green. It's a really lovely color that went on smoothly and stayed put, with no chips.
The way I test polishes is by hand-washing the dishes and seeing how tough the polish really is.  So far Rimmel has not disappointed and has withstood the constant beating of scrubbing, rubbing, and soaking of pots and pans. If a polish comes out unscathed it gets a thumbs up from me, Rimmel gets a huge thumbs up! 

Go out and find some Rimmel polish and try it out for yourself. You can find them online or in your neighborhood stores like: Target, Walgreens, and Walmart. 


Beauty Product #7: NYC Lip Gloss


 NYC Liquid Lipshine
#574 City's Clear

I was fortunate to be picked as a badge winner over on Influenster for sharing about NYC Liquid Shine. So as a prize I got not one, but two NYC LiquidShine lip glosses in "City's Clear". I was kind of unsure about a clear lipgloss because what would be the point, right? Well so glad I got this because I love it! It moisturized my lips, which were a bit dry because of the chilly weather. It wasn't greasy and went on really smoothly. It gives your lips a nice shine without it being too shiney. You know? No well just take my word for it, okay? I still have issues with the applicator tips as they always seem to take out more than I'd like, but it is not a deterrent. 

The best thing that I like about NYC liquidshine, and just NYC products in general, is the affordable price. The NYC Liquidshine ranges from $1 - $2, so you could really get a ton for your collection. The lip glosses are consistently good as I've tried a few of them.
As you can see with "City's Clear", it really highlights the natural colors in your lips. See how much healthier my lips look on the bottom? So have you tried out NYC Liquidshine Lip Gloss? Leave a comment below, which I might add will count as a comment for some extra entries.

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Nordic Naturals What's Essential

"What's Essential Essay Scholarship"

I am writing about a great company who is giving one lucky person a $5,000 scholarship. During these rough times this obviously would be a great way to help get ahead with your child's or your education. If that wasn't great enough though the winner will also get a year's supply of Nordic Naturals award-winning omega oils. The contest competition started on January 1st, 2013, but don't worry you have till March 31st to enter. Anyone wanting to enter simply has to go to Nordic Naturals Facebook page. 

image name
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So how do you apply for this great opportunity? Write an essay with 1100-1500 words, which should be easy, answering the question: What are the essential components of the education that your generation needs to make a positive impact on the world? Also needed are official transcripts, character reference letter (not from a family member), and birth certificate/proof of citizenship. All new and current students are eligible to enter, so do it now. The winner of the scholarship will be announced on June 1st, 2013. If you have any more questions check out the official "What's Essential" website that will be able to answer anything you're unsure about.

So now that you've heard about the great scholarship contest let's hear about the other prize the winner will be getting - a year's supply of Nordic Naturals Omega oils. Nordic Naturals has a wide range of different products using omega oils for children and adults. So why choose omega -3s oils? Omega 3s oils are virtually in every cell membrane in your body; they are essential fatty acids (EFAs). That means two things: one, the body can’t produce all the omega-3s from scratch and two, these fats are essential for staying healthy.
Here are just a few things that Omega 3s oils are said to benefit:
  • support healthy brain function
  • positive mood and well being
  • focus and attention
  • memory and learning ability
All these things are essential to all our children whom are in school. They are linked to helping teens stay focused and getting better grades. It is also linked to helping children with ADHD who responded well to the supplements and their ADHD symptoms decreased. Omega- 3s helped improve verbal learning and memory scores in adolescent children. If you aren't using them now, I don't know what you're waiting for.

Personal Experience:

Get happy kids like these!
My kids take the Omega 3s Gummies and I have seen a definite change in how focused they are in school. Over the years they have gone from low scores in reading, spelling and math to never dropping below a B average. I also noticed a huge change in my 11yr old nephew who had behavioral problems. He was labeled as a troubled child and the teachers were always on edge. While he still has his little episodes they are way shorter and don't happen as often. The best thing is that they have no clue they're taking a supplement. The gummies taste great to them so there hasn't ever been a fight to get them to take them. The gummies are really affordable and available all across the nation.

Check out Omega-Research.com for more information on all the benefits of omega 32 oils. Also make sure to follow Nordic Naturals on Twitter to keep in the know of great new products, benefits, etc.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own. No further compensation was given. I will receive a prize pack for this post.
**The products and statements mentioned in the post have not been evaluated by the FDAand should not be used to diagnose, treat or cure any diseases

January 21, 2013

Product Review: Head & Shoulders Review

So we all know Head & Shoulders and the great work it does at getting us all dandruff free. We also know that overpowering smell as well. I always hated the way it smelled, it didn't ever stop me from using it though because at the end of the day it worked. So when I heard they came out with a new line I was excited to try them all out.

I opted to try out the Damage Rescue shampoo/conditioner because I am a bit harsh on my hair. I have naturally curly hair and well, I'm really not a fan. I like to straighten it out as much as I can which ends up being about every 3 days. I do let it rest though so I don't torture my hair all the time.

Anyway, back to the Damage Rescue shampoo and conditioner. First off the smell is amazingly...GOOD. Its a nice soft, fresh, clean scent that really leaves your hair smelling good. No weird mediciney smell, yea I know that isn't a word. I liked the consistency of the shampoo, which was creamy and... runny. It was like a race against the shampoo before it started dripping down my hand. I literally had to throw my hand on top of my head, so I wouldn't lose it all. I had to put a little more than usual because I know I didn't save enough of the shampoo to cover my whole head of hair. It lathered up really well and was easily rinsed off. I always do two washes of shampoo because I've got super long hair and I live in Texas, its hot here! The conditioner on the other hand was creamy and that really helped to make my hair super soft. It was thick and rich and smelled just as great as the shampoo. I could feel the cleanness and softness in my hair right after rinsing out the conditioner. Once my hair was dried, I towel and then air dry, it was so manageable! I could literally run my fingers through my hair and it was silky smooth.

If you've strayed away from Head & Shoulders before because you didn't like the smell, try the new line out! You will be so happy you did, and your hair will be too! Visit Head & Shoulders on Facebook to learn more about what you've been missing!

Disclaimer: I was sent fullsize products of Head & Shoulders Damage Rescue by Influenster for the sole purpose of trying it out. All opinions in this review are my own and no further compensation was given.

Beauty Giveaway Product #6

What's the next product to go into the beauty box? Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat! I use this religiously and it has replaced all other top coats for me. It really does dry super fast and goes on so quickly. I love how it makes my nails feel so strong. I would have nails that were brittle or bendable, but with Seche Vite they feel super tough. I also noticed that even with polishes that don't last very long, using Seche Vite will extend the polish life by at least 3 days! Seriously it's a great top coat that I highly recommend to everyone. You can buy them on amazon.com for $5 a bottle or head to CVS and buy the base and top coat for $8.95!

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Book Review: The Massive

By Brian Wood
Genre: Action, Adventure
Ages: Teen, Mature 

The story behind "The Massive" is definitely one that plays on the fears of practically all the world. With everyone really bringing environmental issues to the forefront, The Massive is like a window into what could happen. Okay maybe not that extreme, but really who knows what could happen when "mother nature" actually says enough and tries to get rid of us like a bad rash. In the book the world is left under water with the oceans polluted, not that far from the present. It's action packed with everyone in the story taking on the, "every man for themselves" mentality. Seriously who can blame them with the world's largest nations under water and everything in shambles.

You follow a group on a boat called, "The Kapital" and they're in search for their sister ship, "The Massive". Everyone on both ships are activist trying to fix the world after the devastation. The story moves pretty fast back and forth between different characters and settings. This was my only issue as it lost me a couple times. Sometimes a certain character was in one chapter and the next they were missing, then back to being in the next chapter. The drawing style is highly stylized with sharp bright colors and highly detailed illustrations. The characters are really well thought out and seem real and relevant.

It was jam packed with adventure and action, which is why I gave it a teen/mature rating. There is quite a bit of violence with shoot-outs, etc. The environmental issues brought out in this book were not lost on me. The simple fact is that this could be our future. That fact makes this story that much more real. Don't let the fact that it is a graphic novel throw you off! The Massive is a great read and would definitely add to your book collection.

Disclaimer: I received this book in order to do a review courtesy of Netgalley, all opinions are my own and no further compensation was given.

Product Review: Olay Total Effects


So was super excited to get this great Klout perk from Olay. I have used bb (beauty balm) cream before and loved it, but was pretty unfamiliar with cc cream. What's the big difference between the two, right? Well first off BB cream is a combination of a moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sunblock all in one neat little package. How awesome is that? So BB Cream seems pretty awesome already, how could they even make that better.

Well the people over at Olay are pushing the envelope with their CC cream, or "Color Correcting" cream. It has all the benefits of a BB Cream, but adds powerful anti-aging and skin correcting ingredients. Olay is the first brand to do this, so there are no alternatives. Honestly, you don't need one because this has to be the best foundation/cream out there.

One of the great things about CC cream is that it is completely oil free! I have skin that tends to be on the oily side so this was huge for me. Now one thing I noticed was that the formula of the CC cream made it way easier to blend to get a great color on my skin. It really didn't look like I had anything on my face, which I loved. Now both the bb and cc creams have sunblock, but Olay goes a little further with its anti-aging properties and tone correction.

The cc cream went on so easily and was so smooth. I didn't really have to add anything extra to it. I normally add a bit of powder on top, but it wasn't needed with the cc cream. Plus I didn't want to add anything extra because I thought it might change the nice color I got with the cc cream.  I only took about 5 minutes to put it all over my face and neck, and I think it looked great.


I just added some eyeshadow, mascara, and liner to my eyes and the whole look was done! I have to say my skin has never looked as smooth as it does with Olay's CC Cream. Now its a bit on the pricier side, but because you use so little it'll actually last you longer. Also because it blends so well, no need to buy more than one shade to get that perfect look for yourself.

So overall, Olay's Total Effects Tone Correcting CC Cream got two huge thumbs up. It's definitely a product you need to look into!

Disclaimer: received this product from Klout and Olay to do a review on. All opinions are my own and no further compensation was received.

January 18, 2013

Beauty Product #3 - Rimmel Eyeshadow



The nex beauty product going into the box is a Rimmel Eyeshadow #200 Spicy Brown. Rimmel eyeshadows are pretty inexpensive and cost about $3.50 in most stores. Thankfully Rimmel always has coupons and great sales so make sure to pick some up because they're great!

I tried out two colors #410 Plum Romance and #500 Posh Peacock. They are pretty pigmented and went on smoothly. The blended fairly well and it didn't take much to get a great color. Even after a few hours of wear they both still looked vibrant and great. I didn't use the eyeshadow applicator at all because I really like using my own brush. I think its pretty standard, nothing special about it.

So if you are looking for a great inexpensive alternative for some great eyeshadows check out Rimmel!

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 *Note: If you would like the two eyeshadows in this review to be included in the box just let me know. They were only used once to show the colors and do the review.

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January 17, 2013

Beauty Box Reviews and Giveaway

Beauty Box Giveaway

So hadn't realized I'm doing this giveaway all wrong. What I'll be doing the next few weeks is reviewing a product and then adding it into my Beauty Box Giveaway. I am not sure how many items will eventually go into the box so no picture yet. Right now the box has two products in it and more will be added over the next few days. I might add that most of these products were bought by myself so there are no other sponsors. Shipping is paid by me as well, so when you do win please share with your friends. Say thank you, and when you receive the box I'd love to see photos!

Beauty Box Products

It will be beauty products consisting of make-up, soaps/cleansers, polish, brushes, etc. So keep your eyes open and make sure to enter on the rafflecopter! You can enter here or over on my Facebook page.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Beauty Review: Orchid Cleansing Bar

Product #2 in my Beauty Box Giveaway


So while shopping at HEB I saw these Orchid Bars on sale for $1.87. Now I have used Orchid polish, but didn't know they made other things. I figured they weren't that expensive so might as well as try them out. They are made here in the USA. I like that they're made here because buying USA Made products keeps Americans working.
I like the packaging on the bar as it gives it a homemade look. Sort of something you'd see in a downtown boutique.

This is an anti-oxidant cleansing bar with pomegranate extract and sunflower seed oil. Sunflower oil is an excellent source for beta-carotene which can be converted into vitamin A, and this possesses many antioxidant properties that can be beneficial to the appearance and health of your skin. So what does the Pomegranate extract do for your skin? Pomegranate Extract contains vitamins B and C, which helps to promote cell turnover - creating new healthy skin! Pomegranate Extract is also has antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing qualities. It helps to soothe dry and cracked skin, which is great for the winter season!

So enough with all that stuff lets get down to my review! I have to say this bar smells amazing, but it isn't overly strong. I dislike strong fragrances and they actually give me a headache. It was just a sweet, fruity smell with a hint of citrus. It lathered up extremely well and washed off really easily. At first when I rinsed it off my skin felt "tight", but very clean. A few hours later I noticed my skin no longer felt tight, but was super soft and moisturized. I even went outside to walk the dog and no ashy skin! Of course I'd still recommend using lotions, but I could notice the difference in my skin just from using the bar. The best thing is that it isn't harsh at all so I used it to wash my face. I normally don't use soaps because they tend to dry out my skin. I don't want that with my face, nu uh!

Sadly I'm not sure if the Orchid brand is available anywhere else, but if you have an HEB by you they have many other products to choose from. They had a honey bar, but I'm not a huge fan of honey. Overall for $1.87 it is a great soap to use. It smells great, works great, and will leave your skin moisturized!

Disclaimer: products shown and reviewed were bought by myself and all opinions are my own. No compensation was received.