January 28, 2013

Beauty Product Giveaway #16

Beauty Product #16:
7pc Brush Set

I bought a set of these brushes for myself a while ago and knew these would be going into the giveaway as well. They're pretty basic brushes, great for newbies like me, but the "pros" can still get some great use out of them. Now they are lower end in price, but that definitely doesn't mean the quality is bad. I'm kind of harsh on my brushes and they have took the beating pretty well. I bought this set off of amazon.com for under $10.

 The 7 pc set comes with (l-r) eyebrow brush, mascara/eyelash brush, eyeshadow applicator, eyeliner brush (I use this as a contour brush), lip brush, smudger brush, and powder brush. I love the mascara/eyelash brush to get rid of those clump in mascara and to make sure my eyelashes are nice and spread out. I use the eyeliner brush to do my contour colors as it fits so neatly into my crease. Of course you can use it however you want. I actually use the lip brush as the eyeliner brush because, if you hadn't noticed I am not a huge fan of lipstick.
The brushes worked great and they've really become a great addition to my ever growing brush collection. I'm sure you guys will love them too! 

Oh and the little silver holder, well its obviously not real leather and at first has a weird smell. It does go away after awhile so no worries. It also has held up really well with being tossed around. No tears or anything so the quality isn't bad there either.

What do you hate the most when it comes to your beauty regime?