About Me

Hello there, I'm Sally Guillen and I run the Infinite Dreams blog!

I know I'm very new at this, but if you have a product that my readers would love to know about there are a few ways that I can help you spread the word!

Please take note that my household consists of a mom, me in my 30s, a grandma 52, a grandpa 55, two teenagers 16 and 14 who love video games, music, and "beauty products", a preteen who loves to read, play games, and play with lip gloss, and finally two rambunctious boys who love to play sports, get dirty, and eat sweets. Rounding off my "little" family are two dogs, the well mannered gentleman, Budha, and the very loud, Bear.

Product Reviews- I welcome the opportunity to try out your product and share my findings with my readers. I only review items that would be useful to someone in my household so that I can provide a complete reviews. Product reviews are FREE! In order to review your product you will be required to mail me a full size item. I am not responsible for the cost of postage and your item will not be returned. If you are interested in having your item reviewed, please contact me for more information.

Product Review + Giveaway- This is my favorite way to promote your product. Product Reviews + Giveaways are FREE! I offer a complete review plus I offer my readers a chance to win the product that I reviewed. Offering a chance to win what I reviewed adds to the interest in your product! If you are interested you will be required to send me a full size product to review and you will be responsible for the cost of shipping me the item. Reviewed products will not be returned. After the review and giveaway is completed I will email you the shipping information for the winner. You will be responsible for the delivery of the product to the winner.

My two furry babies (dogs): Budha, 9 and Bear, 1 would love to offer their services. They will try out any goodies, treats, toys, or soaps you have to offer. They will both give their honest opinion and will be very detailed!