April 10, 2011

Card Making??

So do you guys think this constitutes as a card? hmm...?? Card was made for a swap and was 2in x 1in, it has a drawn kitty and a little note in the inside. The front of the card had purple ribbon and a flower on it.

Doll Intro #4

So last (for now) is my Ringdoll Pan B - Jae. My niece named him Jae because, well I'm not sure why she did. He is my largest doll and will remain the largest doll that I own. He is 1/3 sz or 63cm tall. I paid way more than I ever thought I would for an inanimate object, but I don't think I would have made a different decision. I bought him as a full set which also shows why he was so much money. Don't ask how much...really don't! He is a great poser, especially when you figure out he is double jointed. Yea took me a while to figure out how they work and stuff. He is a bit harder to sew for, but I don't see him in any elaborate type of clothing anyway. This guy is a t-shirts and jeans kind of guy. So anyway here are his pics!

April 6, 2011

Doll Intro #3

Lati White Pury -- Amaranthus or Mara for short. I bought Mara off of another member of a dolly forum that I frequent. She is the smallest doll I own and is a 1\12th sized bjd. I don't actually play with her much because she is so tiny and I'm kind of scared to break her. She is totally adorable and I hope I can find a nice little home for her to be safe in instead of just staying in a box 24/7. Here are some photos of her:

Doll Into #2

This next doll actually gets a lot of love from me. I love her posing and her face sculpt is just beautiful, also her default face-up is just awesome. Larkspur (the name I gave her) is an AoD Mi Mi 1/6th doll. She is single jointed doll but her thighs can move around allowing for better posing. She is a bit chunkier and although she is a 1/6th like my RS Bao she is a whole lot bigger than he is. She is 27 cm tall and wears a 5/6 wig, but more on the larger size. Without further ado...here she is.

Doll Intro #1

So the first doll I am going to show has to be the first one I ever got. This is my RS Bao who is a 1/6th sized bjd that I bought back in 2009. I had really wanted a bjd for quite a while before I finally decided to get one. I went with him because he had a cute face sculpt and was pretty inexpensive. He is single jointed so doesn't has as much pose-ability as other dolls do. Because he has a bit of a feminine look to him I have more or less made him into a female doll. He still has his *ahem* equipment and I don't think I will ever mod it to change that. I think eventually I will just buy a female body for him. Here are some pics of him:
**face-up by Constance on DoA