Survey Sites and More

So I recently started getting into surveys to help supplement my income since losing my job. I have come across a few goods one that I really enjoy and that I recommend. Some pay through checks/paypal while others pay through giftcards. Either way with a few minutes you can make some extra cash for the holidays.

GlobalTestMarket send out products to try out in your home as well as surveys. I have yet to try out a product, but I haven't been with them that long. They do send out quite a few surveys a day so they keep me really busy.

Synovate sends out products for you to try, but I haven't been so lucky. This is another new survey site for me so hoping the longer I'm in the more chance I get. They don't send me as many surveys as I would like, but I almost always finish them.

Smiley360 is a site that I joined a while back and so far have received three products to try out. Just recently I was approved to review a full size bottle of Woolite Complete! Seriously can't go wrong with that!

Swagbucks is a site where you can search and win. Watch some tv and earn swagbucks, take some surveys, find swagcodes and with all of that redeem them for prizes! They have many different items to choose from, but normally I go with gift cards. Many other bloggers will tell you how they funded Christmas using Swagbucks and other site. Seriously it's super easy.

Search & Win

Crowdtap is the next site I have come to like. I'll admit in the beginning I found it tedious and a pain. You get "quickhits" and you need 5 people to like that page. Well sometimes it's not easy to find those 5, or 4 because you can like it as well, to get the pts. Just recently they changed over to a point system and I have yet to cash out. Good thing is you can exchange for GC.