December 18, 2011


So this is a fairly new site that I just started using. You go and watch commercials and get a certain amount per ad. I started about 2-3months ago and have gotten $15 so far. You start at being able to earn $5 a month, which isn't a lot. If you have people to invite you can get up to $10 a week. While it is only $20-$40 a month that still is enough for some gas or just to put aside for emergencies.

The bad side is that you have to have the window open so you can't be doing other things while watching. Also, there aren't many different ads so you'll be watching the same thing. I recommend going at the beginning of the week so you can build up ads to watch.



So I have been a member of Crowdtap for a few months and was very discouraged at the fact that I was getting no where. It is a great site to earn some extra cash, if you can get a large following and have some people join. Well I had been at $2 for months until a nice lady told me a little tip. If you are needing some people to rate, you can always use a different browser to pick up the slack. It was almost overnight that I went from $2 all the way to $19.50. I highly recommend joining the program and using that little tip to help earn some extra money. While you obviously won't get rich, you can get a few bucks for gas!

Here is a link to join: Crowdtap

December 16, 2011


So if you love to read books and enter into giveaways then you should check out Goodreads. Goodreads has tons of giveaways for new books that you can read and review in the privacy of your own home. If you are chosen then you are sent the book, by the publisher or author, to your home to read at your leisure. Now the whole deal is for you to read the book and then write a review. The kicker for writing a review? The more reviews you write the more chance you get of getting picked as a winner.

I personally have been a member for a few months and have already won about 25 books. I am working on reading all these books and have read about half of them so far. Some of the books haven't even come out to market yet, so your say does really make a difference. They have something for everyone there from children's all the way up to adult (erotic). I have won all types of books and love reading something I normally wouldn't have picked for myself.

If you are looking to join then please add me as a friend and maybe something that I review will peak your interest. Goodreads - Sally Guillen

Going in a New Direction...

So it's 6am in the morning and I'm sitting here trying to find some direction in my life. I haven't been able to get a job and have been entering into giveaways like crazy. While I have won some really great items, it isn't enough to keep going. So I wonder if maybe I could become a real true to life blogger. It's a huge thing that's for sure and tons of responsibility as well, but I think as long as I continue to look forward I can do it.

I have been in a rut now for about a year ever since I left my last job. While it was a hard decision it's one that I don't regret. I love reading, writing, sewing, crafting, and cooking so why not make a business out of it? Now I already do sew and love doing it. Sewing helps me to relax and be creative. Making something that another human being takes pleasure in and loves is a great feeling. Selling an item that I made makes me so proud and excited, nothing better really.

So today I've made a decision to go in a new direction with my blog. It'll be filled with things that I like and enjoy and I'll try and keep it fun and exciting. While I love all my coupon buddies out there I can't see myself doing a coupon type blog. So yea stay tuned for some really great stuff....well at least I think it'll be great!

Oh and I'll keep my old blog posts because I'd like to see where I came from.

April 10, 2011

Card Making??

So do you guys think this constitutes as a card? hmm...?? Card was made for a swap and was 2in x 1in, it has a drawn kitty and a little note in the inside. The front of the card had purple ribbon and a flower on it.

Doll Intro #4

So last (for now) is my Ringdoll Pan B - Jae. My niece named him Jae because, well I'm not sure why she did. He is my largest doll and will remain the largest doll that I own. He is 1/3 sz or 63cm tall. I paid way more than I ever thought I would for an inanimate object, but I don't think I would have made a different decision. I bought him as a full set which also shows why he was so much money. Don't ask how much...really don't! He is a great poser, especially when you figure out he is double jointed. Yea took me a while to figure out how they work and stuff. He is a bit harder to sew for, but I don't see him in any elaborate type of clothing anyway. This guy is a t-shirts and jeans kind of guy. So anyway here are his pics!

April 6, 2011

Doll Intro #3

Lati White Pury -- Amaranthus or Mara for short. I bought Mara off of another member of a dolly forum that I frequent. She is the smallest doll I own and is a 1\12th sized bjd. I don't actually play with her much because she is so tiny and I'm kind of scared to break her. She is totally adorable and I hope I can find a nice little home for her to be safe in instead of just staying in a box 24/7. Here are some photos of her:

Doll Into #2

This next doll actually gets a lot of love from me. I love her posing and her face sculpt is just beautiful, also her default face-up is just awesome. Larkspur (the name I gave her) is an AoD Mi Mi 1/6th doll. She is single jointed doll but her thighs can move around allowing for better posing. She is a bit chunkier and although she is a 1/6th like my RS Bao she is a whole lot bigger than he is. She is 27 cm tall and wears a 5/6 wig, but more on the larger size. Without further she is.

Doll Intro #1

So the first doll I am going to show has to be the first one I ever got. This is my RS Bao who is a 1/6th sized bjd that I bought back in 2009. I had really wanted a bjd for quite a while before I finally decided to get one. I went with him because he had a cute face sculpt and was pretty inexpensive. He is single jointed so doesn't has as much pose-ability as other dolls do. Because he has a bit of a feminine look to him I have more or less made him into a female doll. He still has his *ahem* equipment and I don't think I will ever mod it to change that. I think eventually I will just buy a female body for him. Here are some pics of him:
**face-up by Constance on DoA

March 6, 2011

First Blog... EVAR!

So hello everyone, I think I will just put random stuff here. I will try and feature some of my sewing projects and maybe my drawings.