January 30, 2013

Beauty Product Giveaway

Beauty Products 17 - 19

So here are three of my tried and true hair styling products. I love these as they help me to keep my hair looking great. 


The first product up is Tresemme's Curl Defining Spray Gel. Now this comes in handy whether you have natural curls or *gasp* don't. You don't need a whole lot so don't go wild with it. Its pretty cool how its a liquid, but its a gel....am I that easily amazed? This stuff is humidity resistant - aka no frizz! It has a great clean scent because its alcohol free. I love this stuff for when I want my curls to just shine and be free. Which is hard for me because curls and I have a love hate relationship. I just like my hair straight and sleek more than bunchy and curly. 

 Speaking about straight hair, if you straighten your hair you know that it can be really harsh on your hair. Reality is, is that your hair does get damaged every time you put a flat iron to it. The question is are you going to do a lot of damage or a little? So its necessary - no utterly important that you use protection. My go to product for that protection is Beyond The Zone's Turn Up The Heat flat iron spray. It has a great smell, its light weight, and leaves your hair silky smooth. You don't need a lot, which I love because that means that bottle will last longer. It's a great product to have so if you ever get a chance buy some up.

The last product is Suave Professionals Vibrant Shine Spray. I tried to photograph the sparklies inside the bottle which is why it looks cloudy. Those little sparklies are actually mineral bursts that leave your hair shining bright. Yes something else for shine because healthy hair shines ya know. It smells so good, it has some hint of citrus - like grapefruit. Then again maybe that's just what I smell. Either way you don't need a lot at all. Shake it up and spray it and you're good to go!