January 18, 2013

Beauty Product #3 - Rimmel Eyeshadow



The nex beauty product going into the box is a Rimmel Eyeshadow #200 Spicy Brown. Rimmel eyeshadows are pretty inexpensive and cost about $3.50 in most stores. Thankfully Rimmel always has coupons and great sales so make sure to pick some up because they're great!

I tried out two colors #410 Plum Romance and #500 Posh Peacock. They are pretty pigmented and went on smoothly. The blended fairly well and it didn't take much to get a great color. Even after a few hours of wear they both still looked vibrant and great. I didn't use the eyeshadow applicator at all because I really like using my own brush. I think its pretty standard, nothing special about it.

So if you are looking for a great inexpensive alternative for some great eyeshadows check out Rimmel!

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 *Note: If you would like the two eyeshadows in this review to be included in the box just let me know. They were only used once to show the colors and do the review.

Disclaimer: Products were bought by me and no compensation was given. All opinions are my own.