January 23, 2013

Beauty Product #9 - SHANY Cosmetics Eyeshadows

Beauty Product #9

40 Color Palette

 So I was looking for some new eyeshadows to add to my collection and Shany Cosmetics got some great reviews. So I started small to try it out and got a 40 color palette for only $11.95! It has a wide range of colors, from neutral to modern.

This is with flash - colors look brighter than they really are.
This is without flash and much more true to how the colors look.

 The colors are matte which is fine with me because I'm not huge on shimmer. Plus I use NYX eye primer in shimmer which gives a little shimmer by itself. I chose green and yellow to try out first, the yellow wasn't very pigmented. It was pretty muted even though it looks really bright. I'm not sure if on lighter skin it would show up more, but I had to get some help from a different palette. The green was super pigmented as you can see. It went on smoothly and I didn't need a whole lot for it to show up. 

Yea I still need some practice!

Overall for the price I paid it was a great buy and I will be purchasing another palette from them. I bought it off of Amazon.com for a little under $12.00. It only took about a week to get home to me, which compared to other companies is pretty fast. I really recommend you getting them as they are super affordable and pigmented.