January 26, 2013

Beauty Products 13 - 15 Announced


PRODUCTS 13 - 15


So while I haven't used these particular products, I have used other Sephora products and they are awesome. They have great quality products there and are mid range in price. Not too expensive so you can stock up on a few things. I have a three set for you guys which includes: mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss!I know whomever wins will be rocking a great new look with these.

SEPHORA #01 Clear: The mascara is a clear and great for lashes and eyebrows. This is great for those who already have dark thick lashes. I don't want any of you looking like Tammy Fay with all that thick clumpy mascara!

SEPHORA #02 Silver: The eyeliner is in silver and comes with a smudger. The eyeliner is super easy to apply gives some great sparkle to your look. The smudger is easy to use as well and does the job well.

SEPHORA #18 the Red-shiny: The lip gloss is super red, which is why I never touched it. Red lip gloss and me = a no go. lol This would look awesome on any of you though, I'm sure of it!