January 22, 2013

Beauty Product #7: NYC Lip Gloss


 NYC Liquid Lipshine
#574 City's Clear

I was fortunate to be picked as a badge winner over on Influenster for sharing about NYC Liquid Shine. So as a prize I got not one, but two NYC LiquidShine lip glosses in "City's Clear". I was kind of unsure about a clear lipgloss because what would be the point, right? Well so glad I got this because I love it! It moisturized my lips, which were a bit dry because of the chilly weather. It wasn't greasy and went on really smoothly. It gives your lips a nice shine without it being too shiney. You know? No well just take my word for it, okay? I still have issues with the applicator tips as they always seem to take out more than I'd like, but it is not a deterrent. 

The best thing that I like about NYC liquidshine, and just NYC products in general, is the affordable price. The NYC Liquidshine ranges from $1 - $2, so you could really get a ton for your collection. The lip glosses are consistently good as I've tried a few of them.
As you can see with "City's Clear", it really highlights the natural colors in your lips. See how much healthier my lips look on the bottom? So have you tried out NYC Liquidshine Lip Gloss? Leave a comment below, which I might add will count as a comment for some extra entries.

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