January 31, 2013

MorningStar Farms Grillers Original

MorningStar Farms Grillers - Original

So I hadn't tried the meatless hamburgers ever because lets face it, I'm a meat eater. I like hamburgers on a grill with some sharp cheddar cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, and some mayo. That sounds good doesn't it, well good in taste but not so much in health. A hamburger has tons of fat so good look finding a tasty hamburger for 130 calories. Well I've found one and it was really surprising.

So my first thought when I hear veggie burgers is some weird smelling and tasting hockey puck with no real meat flavor. I envisioned some weird cardboard texture as those health "nuts" try to sucker me into thinking their meatless burger is better than the real thing. So I didn't want to be to adventurous and try the black bean versions, I can say I've never even tried black beans. So I went with the original. You can't really ever go wrong with the original. The price was pretty affordable for 4 burgers and I was completely surprised that they were only 130 calories. They came four to the box and were packaged in singles. I wasn't too sure about how the little plastic package would hold up to my freezer. Nothing worse than some freezer burned burgers. *Note: the next day I did make another burger and no freezer burn. I still would  like to see different packaging, maybe one you can either pinch or zip close.

Another thing that I would have really like was for the burger to be a little more juicy. It was kind of flat and just sat there staring at me with its little sad flat face. Okay so it was kind of like a flat hockey puck after microwaving it. It was kind of dry and that really frightened me. I want a real burger feeling when I eat this so wasn't hopeful at all that this would turn out to be good. Guess what, I was wrong! Okay now make sure you screen shot that because it isn't often that I admit my errors. While the burger wasn't juicy, there wasn't any weird taste nor weird texture. It didn't feel like I was eating a piece of cardboard, or even a hockey puck. It had great flavor and I really didn't think it wasn't real meat. The next time though I did add some seasoning to it, something that I would do if I made hamburgers myself. These could have totally passed for a "insert fast food restaurant name here" burger, as it had the same texture just was that these are way healthier for you. I enjoyed my meatless veggie burger on some white bread with some nice juicy tomatoes, crisp lettuce, and some mayo. The tomatoes and mayo definitely helped with keeping the burger moist.

I'm definitely glad I gave these a chance and actually bought more because you can't beat a great tasting burger with only 130 calories. I really want to go back and get the "meat" crumbles because I totally see some "nachos compuestos" being made with them. So if you're looking for a meatless alternative I would really check out MorningStar Farms. The make a wide range of meatless products from burgers to sausages! They're products are all pretty affordable and available in many different stores across the country.

*Disclaimer: I got coupons from BzzAgent and MorningStar Farms to try out my choice of their product. All opinions are my own and no further compensation was given.