January 25, 2013

Beauty Products 10 - 12 - Announced!

So I got a little behind because of family issues that I'm going with that I hadn't been able to do my reviews like I want to. Even after the kids are all asleep I can't focus because my mind starts racing a mile a minute. So without further ado the next beauty products going into the box!

#10 - LORAC Eyeshadow


This was a great deep blue that went on so smoothly and was super intense with just one application. It did blend really well and lasted for hours without a single touch up. They go for about $12 ea at Sephora.



#11 - EF STUDIO Lip Gloss

The consistency of this lip gloss is super thick, rich, and creamy. The color is a creamy nude that gives just a little bit of color to your lips, but tons of moisturizer. Great lip gloss, but can be a bit on the pricey side for a bargain shopper.



#12 - ALMAY Intense I-Color
"Smoky-I Kit"

I loved this kit as it neatly puts everything in the correct order for you. For a beginner, like myself, this was really helpful. The colors were great and super easy to apply. It lasted for about 4 hrs before I had to touch up the colors a bit. Still a great palette for beginners and the pros. They're a bit mid range being about $7.00 ea, but with coupons you can get the price lowered a lot.

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