October 20, 2012

NYC Individual Eyes Palette


I was really happy to see a eyeshadow palette included in my Influenster Beauty Blogger Box. I had actually never seen this product from NYC before so was excited to try it out. This palette comes with 4 shadows, 1 primer, and one illuminator. Now I didn't even know there was a illuminator as I didn't even read the cover before I set off to try out. I now noticed I made a mistake and used the illuminator as a base primer instead of the actual primer.

The colors are white, light gray, medium gray, and a black. They are perfect for night time wear, but you could also use them during the day. The colors are pigmented and go on very smoothly. I did have to work a bit with the lightest gray to get the color I wanted. For me it was too light, almost looking like white. Now this could have been my fault as like I said I used the illuminator instead of the actual primer. The medium gray was super pigmented and a little definitely went a long way. It blended really easily and smoothly, it was great! The black..wow the black was just wonderful. It was super pigmented and I just needed a couple of taps of it. I definitely love this black as I have been looking for a black this pigmented. It really is going to be my go to black from now on. With me being a beginner the instructions on the back really helped, now I may not have followed them completely but I still loved the end result that I got.

Now this palette is limited edition so go out and get it before it's gone. The best thing is it is very affordable at $4.99 for this palette. It comes with everything you need to look great! NYC: New York Color is a great brand and makes some beautiful affordable make up products that everyone can use.