October 18, 2012

PJ's All Natural Beef Tenders Giveaway


If you remember my last post on the PJ's All Natural Beef Steaks then you'll be super excited with this post. Because I did such a wonderful job PJ's sent me some of their tenders as a gift. They gave me so much I decided to share a couple bags with you guys! Aren't you super excited like me?! No, well you totally should be!

PJ's All Natural Beef Tenders are exactly that, soft tender strips of beef full of flavor. The pepper looks like it is embedded inside the beef so its an all around spice instead of just concentrated spice. We've all been there, you're merrily chewing away at the competition and then *hack cough* a piece of pepper sneaks in and chokes you half to death. This is a more mellow flavor with not too much heat so if you don't like spicy things you don't have to shy away from these.

Now remember these are not beef jerky so your jaws will definitely thank you for your purchase. Like the beef steaks the tenders are low in sodium and you can have at least 3 strips, either small or large and still stay within the daily limit. Great for a boost of protein and when you want a tasty, less salty snack.

Right now PJ's Beef Steak are having a fantastic sale, buy 3 get 3 for FREE! That's right for less than $26 you can get 6 bags of delicious, low sodium, 98% fat free, high protein beef snack! Don't you really want to head over there right now and buy one of your own. Not convinced yet? Well that $26 also includes shipping, which means no extra costs. They tell you right there and then what you're getting and for how much. Now that comes out to roughly $4 bucks a bag which is LESS than that yucky beef jerky you find in the stores. Have I convinced you yet?

Well see if you aren't convinced yet then you'll definitely want to enter this giveaway because two lucky readers will be winning their own FREE bag of Cracked Pepper Tenders! Yup I love you guys so much I am willing to part, sadly by the way, with two bags out of my stash. Feel the love? Just enter below on the rafflecopter and you could feel the love with your own bag. I'm sure your jaws will thank me!