October 20, 2012

LA Colors Color Craze Polish Review


While waiting in line to pay for my stuff I noticed the L.A. Colors Nail Polish display and just had to stop and look. I love L.A. Colors polish because they're only $1 and they definitely hold their own against their more expensive competition. I'm all about glitter right now so picked up to really cute and fun glitter polishes.

The first I grabbed was Cocktail which is a cute shimmery pink. It has small pale pink glitter with holo glitter thrown in with a very sheer pink base. I used it by itself and with a very bright hot pink by OPI. Even on its own it looked super cute and shimmery. I loved it more on top of the hot pink though as it really gave it a chance to really pop!

The second was Confetti and it has larger sized glitter in 4 different colors. It has red, white, blue, and a pinkish purple.Then you have smaller glitter in red white and blue with a clear base. It was very easy getting the larger sized glitter onto my nail. There have been other polishes where I had to fight to get the bigger sized where I wanted them. Not so with Confetti, it only took 2 coats to cover my nails with both sizes of the glitter.

You should definitely head out and find some L.A. Color polishes of your own. They're super affordable at only $1 a pop, and they have pretty average wear at 3 days. If you find an awesome base coat and top coat then you're good to go! I really suggest getting Seche Vite because I found it really helps all your polishes go that extra mile.