January 6, 2013

Product Review: Advil Congestion Relief


I was so good about taking care of the kids that I hadn't even realized that I was coming on with the flu. My body ached and hurt so badly just breathing was a chore. As I fought the mighty flu a new symptom started plaguing me..CONGESTION. I first dealt with chest congestion and took meds diligently for that. As my chest congestion went away I was so happy, thrilled in fact. Then it hit me like a ton of mucus filled bricks! Sinus congestion like no other. I felt like my head was floating in the ocean lost forever.

Then I remembered a small yellow box I received from Smiley360. It was a small pack of Advil Congestion Relief and what a relief it was! I tore open the box like a child on Christmas day, actually it may have been Christmas. Anyway I grabbed the one pill, as per directions, popped it in my mouth and chugged down a glass of water to help it go down. I then proceeded to sleep the day away because that helps your body get better. Sleep and meds were all I saw for the next couple of days until a break through - I could breathe! Yes I could actually breathe through my nose without gagging on...well I'll save you guys from that mental picture. The Advil not only helped my congestion to go away it also helped with my fever and the aches and pains I had. 

Advil can be a bit more expensive but believe me it's totally worth it. The chance at getting rid of my congestion for just a few extra dollars was a good trade off for me. Advil also was nice enough to provide a $2.00/1 coupon so you can get out there and try it for yourself. Since right now is the time for sickness there are tons of sales going on so check them out to get the best price, just don't forget your coupons!

Thanks Smiley360 and Advil for helping me to take a deep breathe again.

Disclaimer: I received the Advil Congestion Relief for the purpose of doing a review from Smiley360 and Advil. All opinions are my own and no further compensation was received.