January 12, 2013

Let's talk about... SEX? (mature)

So let's be honest sex is a touchy subject. Even for most adults talking about sex can leave you cowering in the corner horrified about the things you didn't want to know about your closest friends. Worse...your parents, aunts/uncles, grandparents!? Yes people they too had sex and well let's face it birth control, in any form, was usually used to prevent said people from having too many rugrats.

So I get a helpful little package from Crowdtap and Durex. Yes, that Durex - the maker of contraceptives to help not populate the world. I was sent a fairly large amount of fun stuff for the adult couples to try out. Here is what was included in the package:

  • Performax Intense: Designed to speed her up and slow him down. Shaped & textured to intensify sensation. Delay lubricant to help prolong sexual performance. A more intense experience for you both.
  • Extra Sensitive: Ultra thin. Extra sensitive. With lubricant for heightened excitement and great sensations.
  • Durex Play Vibrations Variety Pack: Includes a selection of 4 Durex lubricants, 4 Durex condoms and 1 Durex Play vibrating ring. A perfect way to add a wealth of new experiences to your ongoing sexual journey
At first I was a little hesitant to say, "Hey brother, sis-in-law, cousins, aunts... *gulp* mom. Look what I have yup, condoms and a vibrating ring that fits...yes there." It really wasn't easy, but once it was out it was well received. Though we did have a laugh when I mentioned that my little brother could use them. Kind of late for him as he is due to have his first child in May.

Anyway we all sat around and looked at the tiny unassuming boxes filled with fun times for the couples. Some opened the boxes right there while others kind of smiled and nodded. You could smell the tension oozing from their pores. Let's face it, some are just not as open as others and that's okay. So I instructed everyone to go home and try the stuff out. They didn't have to share everything with me, just what they thought overall. It was pretty much what I expected with most the men griping about the condom. Although the ribbed ones were okay for some of them. It was comfortable and added a little more oomph to the "event". A lot of the couples just aren't used to using them so this had nothing to do with the condom itself. The lubes did their job and there were great reviews on the warmth lube. It really heated things up. The flavored lubes were a hit and miss, with some liking them and others not so much. Cherry was a bit hit while pina colada wasn't. So if you like lubes then you should try these out.

The ring was good for most of the women, but kind of ill fitting for some of the men. Even though the ring was pretty stretchable, it wasn't very comfortable and ended up being a little snug for some. It was simple to turn on with just one push of a button, though you really have to push on it to keep it on. The vibration is about a low to medium, not a lot of motion but still nice. Some did mention that at times it didn't hit the right spot, but a little adjustment fixed that.

The whole package varies from $4.75 to a little over $8.00. Not sure how long the battery lasts, but it is a pretty good value. The condoms range from about $4.64 to $9.00 depending on where you purchase them. Overall it was fun and a little awkward, but all worth it in the end for all my friends and fam.

**Disclaimer: I received these products from Crowdtap and Durex to share and try out. All opinions are my own - or my friends/fam and no further compensation was given.