October 29, 2012

L.A. Colors Nail Polish Review

I  love L.A. Colors Nail Polish because they're super affordable, pigmented, and last for about 3 days, which is comparative to other brands. So while at Dollar General waiting in line I noticed the polish rack, or course. So I searched through the bottles and bottles of polishes and settled on two, "Cactus" was one of them. Now I'm not really sure why it's called cactus because it isn't green at all.

It has a dark purplish base with shimmery gold holographic glitter. The glitter is very, very fine and gives you a great look. The colors go from a yellow to an orange for the shimmer. I didn't really even notice it until I went outside to shoot these photos. I am so in love with this polish and know you'll love it too! It went on super smooth and unlike other glitter polishes came off relatively easily. I think because the glitter is so fine you don't have to deal with the huge chunks taking longer to come off.

I added some cute little flowers to it which I also grabbed for $1, they are also made by L.A. Colors. They had a ton of different styles, all cute of course. So wanting to make my nails even prettier I bought a pack. Sadly these didn't perform as well and they were peeling off as soon as I topped them with a top coat. They stuck fine on dry polish, but as soon as I got my top coat the edges curled upwards. I really wanted these to work as I can't do this type of nail art myself. So for this product I had to give it a thumbs down. I think if they could work better on the stickiness on the back then this would be perfect!

 So feeling a little let down I reached for my second polish, "Meadow". Meadow reminds me of a robin's egg blue, or even a Tiffany's blue. It is so pretty and pale, I just love it! I am a huge fan of brighter colors and this one kind of gives me a bright color with understated style. Well if that's even possible, let's just say it is okay? Sadly it bit the dust after two days, but that included some heavy scraping on some pans. Still even if its only 2 days that's more than enough for me because I am always changing my nail color. Its still beautiful and you should definitely try it out. Hey it's only a dollar and so worth it!