October 12, 2012


Want a place to share your views on beauty, home, and other products? Well Influenster may be the right site for you. So what's it all about? Why is it so great? Well let me tell you!

First off, Influenster is free to join and very easy to sign up for. Before their site was a little hard to navigate but they have since streamlined it making it easier to understand. Basically you share your re-views of your favorite or not so favorite products with others. Whether its good or bad they want to hear it!

They just implented a points system so the more reviews, sharing, uploading, etc you the higher your score. And what does your higher score get you? More chances at getting Voxboxes! Voxboxes are packages you get sent filled with fantastic products to try out in your own home. The surveys you take correspond with the voxboxes you end up getting. There all all different kinds of voxboxes including mommy boxes, beauty, and natural.

After you've tried your products out its time to earn some badges by reviewing those products sent  to you. You can post your review on the Influenster site, talk about it on Facebook, tweet about it, and type up a review on your blog. The more you share the more chance of you getting a badge on that product.

So what are badges about? Well for every voxbox you'll get they will contain badges for those products. You complete the badge requirements and you could win something extra. Recently I was able to get the Latina Beauty Voxbox and after I did all the requirements for my badges I won some great prizes!So what exactly came in my voxbox? I got some great summertime products to try out like - Veet wax strips, Always pads and tampons, Hawaiian Tropics lotion, Pink Chiffon  body wash, and a NYC lip gloss. There was a micture of fullsize and sample sized products, but all were fantastic.

So if you haven't tried Influenster out then head on over now and request an invite. It may take a couple of days to get accepted, but once you do you won't regret it!