October 12, 2012

Hopeless, Maine: Personal Demons Comic Review


I just recently finished reading Hopeless, Maine: Personal Demons and it was a great short read. The story begins with you on an island that is rising in orphans. The parents are disappearing left and right and no one knows why. The first character you really meet is a little girl named, Salamandra. She is found by a woman when she goes by her house looking for Salamandra's parents. Needless to say they're not there just like all the other parents that are now missing. Salamandra isn't like a normal child though and because of this feels a lot like an outcast. She does eventually beat her "demons" and makes a friend. I'm looking forward to reading more to see what happens next to Salamandra and the other orphans.


Tim Brown did an excellent job of illustrating this comic. It is all very dark but for me it still had a whimsical feel to it. I definitely liked the illustration very much and am more likely to continue reading it. If you're looking for a new comic book to read, or even a nice short read then I suggest you try out Hopeless, Maine. I know you won't be disappointed. Actually even if you aren't a huge comic book fan you'd love this story.