October 10, 2012

PJ's All Natural Beef Steak Review


I was very fortunate to be able to try out PJ's All Natural Beef Steak Slices in Cracked Pepper. Now the first thing I'd like to say it don't ever call these beefy snacks jerky. They're so much more than that. Now when you hear all natural you think health food otherwise known as tasteless cardboard. These were far from any of those words, well all but healthy. They are all gluten free and are stripped of all those nasty preservatives. Some of the ingredients include brown sugar, organic tamari soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, vinegar, pepper, and salt. One of the surprising ingredients was Cherry Powder, which they use to add some boost of Vitamin C. Everything is slow cooked and has a very natural smoke flavor throughout the beef. It has very low calories and the sodium isn't horrible either making for a great high protein and low calorie beef snack.
The texture of the meat is very soft and reminds me of meat that I've cooked in my home. It is super tender and is very easy on your teeth. You won't be gnawing on it for hours trying to make it soft enough to swallow without choking on it. We all have been there with beef jerky, its so tough that your jaw aches from chewing on it for 5 minutes. PJ's Beef Steak is just wonderful, sadly with it being so tender it makes it easier to eat more and before you know it, you've eaten the whole bag. Okay I kid, I didn't eat the whole bag, but I was eyeing that sucker all day long! PJ's makes beef steaks and tenders. The tenders are square in shape while the steak are shaped like, well steak. They are cut thin, but not too thin to where you feel like you aren't getting enough. 
I chose the cracked pepper as I do like a little spice every now and then. What I really loved about PJ's Beef Steaks were that there wasn't huge peppery chunks. The flavor is more cooked into the actual beef rather than just having chunks of the pepper thrown on top. This means instead of concentrated spice its more worked through the beef giving it a much better taste. It wasn't too spicy either so you're still able to taste the great beef flavor rather than having your taste buds burned off by pepper. 

Now when you hear the price it may sound really expensive, but if you think about the overall quality of the product you're getting its totally worth it. For 3 packs of any flavor it'll ship for $25.47 making them $8.49 ea bag. When you think about what you pay for over processed, unhealthy, salt filled jerky you're paying a couple dollars more for something that is better quality. Oh, but wait right now PJ's is running a Buy 1 Get 1 FREE special! So you won't get just 3 for $25.47 but 6! That makes them only $4.25 per bag for a great healthy low sodium snack that won't bust your wallet or your belt. So head on over to the PJ'S All Natural Beef Steak Website to order your own bags of natural beef steak or tenders. Believe me you will not be disappointed! Or if you like what you see follow them on their Facebook page because you never know when they may give out some samples of their delicious beef steaks or tenders.