September 12, 2012

Sinful Colors "Call You Later" Polish Review

This was my second polish that I ended up pairing with "Kissy". Call You Later is a glitter polish  which happen to be one of the trends going on right now. Well really you can't have too many glitter polishes. Glitter polishes are fun and just a bit girly. So the first photo shows Call You Later on its own. That is two coats although I'm sure if I did one more coat it would have been more opaque. The glitter is green. light green, and some yellow/gold. 

When I was looking at it the thought hit me. Why not pair it with Kissy? Well I'm glad I did because it looks amazing. The blue really makes the glitter sparkle and stand out. I think later I'll pair it with different colors but for now I'm very happy with the pairing. I did two coats of Call You Later on Kissy, but it wasn't too much that the blue was completely covered. It went on smoothly and easily and because the glitter is fine its pretty smooth. I didn't need to cover it too much with top coat to smoothen it out like with other glitter polishes.

So what do you guys think? Will you be going out and buying your own glitterific polish?