September 15, 2012

Maybelline Color Show #400 Polish Review


Pedal to the Metal is a super bright shimmery silver that looks fantastic! It took about 4 coats to get complete coverage. Because it took 4 coats drying time did take a little longer, but it wasn't too bad. I wish it would have been more opaque, but with being sheer it has way more possibilities. 

I noticed that on the first coat it started out thicker on the bottom and then got more sheer towards the top. The wheels immediately started turning and I can totally see the possibilities of some match-ups. Anyway, the drying time for each individual coat was pretty average at a 1-2mins, just to make sure it was completely dry. It wasn't thick at all and did go on really easily, which was a first for me. I've noticed that a lot of the metallic polishes have a different consistency than non-metallic. I have had issues with bubbles and streaks with others, not so with "Pedal to the Metal".

The price was pretty affordable at about $3.99 at Walgreens and if you want to join in on the metallics bandwagon then this is a good one. Its so pretty and I really loved it. So head out and get your own bottle before the bandwagon leaves you behind.

How do you like my little nail art? I bought some nail art tape and wow its super hard to use! I think the blue goes great with the bright silver though and I'll be pairing them up again. Hopefully next time I'll do a better job of it.