September 15, 2012

Review LA Colors "Tropical Storm" Polish


This is exactly the color of the skies here the other day when it was storming. This dark gray color covered the skies and not it covers my nails. This is "Tropical Storm" by L.A. Colors and its another gray metallic polish. 

This polish was thicker than the Maybelline Color Show polish, I'm guessing because the color is darker. It had great coverage and I only needed 2 coats. It didn't streak or bubble so I guess I got better at applying metallic polishes. This polish is more opaque so can't really build on it, but I still have some ideas for it.

The best thing about this polish is definitely the price. It was only $1 at Family Dollar and was an impulse buy. Well okay maybe not so much an impulse as a :let's casually walk around the polish section and see what we can find" kind of buy. It was only a dollar so no hard feelings and I'm happy with how it looks. Its a great creamy dark gray! So what new polishes have you bought?