September 17, 2012

Progresso Light Soups


So I had the chance to try out Progresso Light Soup through MyInsite. I got two flavors Creamy Potato w/ Bacon & Cheese, and Chicken Pot Pie. I kept the Creamy Potato w/Bacon & Cheese while the other went to my mom's bf.

The soup had a great smell when I opened up the can and had a very thick, creamy consistency. Now I wish I could say I loved this soup, but honestly it wasn't a home run for me at all. I did like the consistency with it being creamy, chunky, and thick. The major issues were the taste. I didn't taste bacon or cheese really, it was missing that flavor and seasoning. Also, I had to literally search for the potatoes just to get a spoonful. I would have liked to have seen them be bigger pieces and more of them.

While I did pour the whole can into the bowl it is half a can per serving. Which really half of the can would have been more than enough because it is so thick and creamy. It has only 100 calories and is 2pts with the Weight Watchers program. The cans of soup go for about $1.25 and up depending on your location. 
Overall the soup was pretty average and they can definitely make improvements on what they already have. On the other hand my mother's bf LOVED the Chicken Pot Pie Light soup. He said it was very delicious, had great flavor, was thick and filling. You may still really enjoy the Creamy Potato with Bacon & Cheese, but I am definitely going out to buy another can of the Chicken Pot Pie so I can try it out for myself.
You can go to Progresso's Facebook page and get a $0.50 off coupon from another Progresso product. Click HERE to get a coupon for $1.25/4 cans of Progresso Light soup from MyInsite.

*I received this product for FREE through the MyInsite program. All opinions are my own and no further compensation was given.