August 30, 2012

Always Radiant Infinity Pads Beauty Review


Always Radiant Pads have a soft, seamless, flexible design to move with you and a light, clean scent so you can feel fresh. Made with Infinicel,™ which absorbs 4x more than you might need, yet feels amazingly light!

That was the description I got from the Always Website and I have to say I agree with all of it. I have always used Always Pads because they are just more comfortable for me. I don't really wear tampons so I had to search for the best pad for myself. I really like that their pads are super thin, the thinnest I've seen. Because they are so thin you literally forget you're wearing them. Well you forget as much as you can because let's be honest, you can't really forget anything during those times. I also like how easily the pad comes off the wrapper and that you can save that same wrapper for later on.

The pad is super soft and almost spongy, which helps to keep you dry when you most need it. I found the regular pads were great for the beginning and end of my cycle. I happen to have heavier cycles so I like to use the super or overnight pads. Sometimes these more absorbent pads can remind me of a diaper! Not so with Always Radiant Infinity pads, they are just as thin as the regular pads. They work as great and I didn't have to change them out any more than I normally would other pads. 

These pads are awesome and they are affordable as well. Also I LOVED how there were coupons inside the box for more Always Radiant products. Okay yea I know they're just coupons, but when you're buying the same products month after month, some kind of savings is always a good thing. 


If Tampons are more your thing then you can use the Tampax Radiant Infinity Collection. The new Tampax Radiant tampons give you an ultimate protection experience like never before! The Radiant tampon features FormFit™ protection that gently expands to fit your unique shape, a LeakGuard™ braid to help stop leaks before they happen, a CleanSeal™ wrapper—the first ever re-sealable wrapper for worry-free disposal—and a CleanGrip™ applicator designed for incredible comfort.

Like I mentioned above I'm not a huge tampon wearer so what I got I gave to my sister in law to try out. She loved all the products and love the small wristlet that everything came in. I seriously wanted to keep it for myself but that wouldn't have been nice. She sang its praises saying that they were super comfortable and worked wonderfully.

Do you love Always products as much as I do? If so then feel free to head on over to the Always Facebook Page and tell them!