September 1, 2012

Free Bully or Spiral Ring

Bully Sticks are healthy chewing treats for your dag that are naturally good because they have nothing artificial in them. They are made from free range and grass fed cattle. Bully sticks contain no artificial flavors, fillers or dyes and they are digestible, unlike some rawhide dog treats. What could make Bully Sticks even better? How about getting Bully Sticks for free? With today’s deal, the first 150 people who select this offer will get either a Spiral Bully Stick or a Ring shaped Bully Stick chew for their dog, free. Even the shipping is free. We will pick, for you, either the ring or the spiral. Not a bad deal, eh? It’s not a free lunch but it’s a free munch! Bully Sticks are long lasting and designed to reduce tartar and will promote good chewing activities for your dog. Give them something healthy and safe on which to chew. With no dyes, you won’t have to worry about stained carpets, bedding or light colored fur. Don’t delay or this great deal will get away!

*You have to register so you can do it ahead of time! Head on by and wait for tomorrow to get your bully stick or spiral ring for free! Just click HERE and you're there.