July 7, 2012

Beauty Corner Reviews - Julep "America"


Happy 4th of July! Okay so I'm about three days late, but better late than never. I kept my Julep Maven account because I really wanted this polish. Yea I'm sure I could have gotten it somewhere else, but I wanted this one. The way it looked in the photo was so beautiful and starry....wait there are no stars in the polish though. Somehow I was mistaken, but it's still a really nice polish and I do like it.The polish has a red base with red, white, and blue glitter stuffed into the bottle. Seriously it's really stuffed with glitter!

Glitterific, no?

Okay so while this polish is so awesome it does have its flaws; well one main flaw I should say. It's super thick because its so jam packed with glitter. I loved that it had tons of glitter, but it was so thick it made it really hard to go on smoothly. It took 3 and sometimes 4 coats for it to cover my nails completely. In the top photo you c an see two of my nails are not covered completely. That was two coats people, two!

Also, another problem was it had so much glitter that the little glitter bits chipped off. Now I know you need a topcoat, which I put 2 coats of. This still didn't keep the glitter towards the ends of my nails from chipping off. I just fixed it up a bit and added a little bit more polish to those spots. Sort of like a spot check.

That one nail looks like it doesn't have glitter, it does!
The next day I taped off the tips and removed the glitter from the bottom half of my nails. This was a pain in the butt to do, and I really loathe taking off glitter polish. I've read those tips too and they don't work for me all they do is shrivel up my fingers. I really like how it turned out, super cute!

You can buy Julep "America" on Julep.Com for $14 or you can sign up for Julep Maven and get it added on to your purchase. Also you can get your first box for $.01 cent! Yuppers, I opted for this deal and honestly even if you don't continue you'll still get 2 polishes and another product for a fantastic price. Just go HERE and take the test, you can take it multiple times or just choose which box you'd like, and use MAVENINTRO to get it for one penny.

*I paid for this box myself and all opinions are my own. I received no compensation for this post.