July 7, 2012

Beauty Corner Reviews - Julep "Georgia"


 So the July box wielded three polishes instead of the normal two. This was "our time to sparkle" so they sent three polishes that would do just that. I need to invest in a better camera so I can get better pictures. This polish is actually more orange than pink. It reminds me or an orange creamsicle with its orange base and white sparkles. The white sparkle is what gives it that shine and it really makes the orange pop.

 The polish went on smoothly and easily, unlike its glitter mate, America. It took 2 coats to cover, but I could tell where my finger ended because of a dark line going across. It made it look like my nails underneath were dirty, but they weren't honest. I really liked this polish and it made a nice addition to my growing collection. I don't have many orange polishes, actually this is my first orange polish.

I've noticed a trend with Julep naming their polishes with women's names. I guess this was named Georgia as the color may remind people of peaches? I would have gone with Orange Creamsicle because it seems to fit way better though. You can purchase this color from Julep.com for $14 if you weren't lucky enough to get it in your July Maven Box. Which I may say isn't turning out to be such a bad deal after all. The polishes come out to about $6.67/ea which is right in line with other polishes I purchase.

If you're thinking about signing up then go HERE and take the style quiz. I have tried to get out of Boho Glam, I don't think that's my style. Or maybe they know better than I do!

**Once again I paid for these polishes myself and all opinions are my own. I received no compensation for this post. Thanks.