June 29, 2012

Invisalign for Teens Review


I'm excited to bring you some information about Invisalign for Teens. I can speak for many parents when saying being a kid now is totally different than when we were kids. With children being so critical sometimes wearing braces can be tough for a preteen who is just coming into themselves. Sometimes you have to get braces no matter what so why go through all that extra hassle when you can just get Invisalign. There are no wires to worry about as Invisalign takes all that and tosses it. All you do is pop in a new set of aligners whenever your dentist says its time.  

Question: What the difference between traditional braces and Invisalign for Teens?

Getting traditional braces can be painful and you can't eat all foods you normally would. Want a piece of gum? Sorry with traditional braces that just isn't possible. Want to brush your teeth and floss like you normally would? Count that out as well because you can't do that with traditional braces. You can with Invisalign because its so easy. You can just pop off your aligners and brush normally, which helps to cut down on tooth decay. With regular braces you also can get painful mouth sores from the wires rubbing against your lips or cheeks. For this reason we have put off getting the kids braces, I don't want something that's going to cause them unneeded pain.

Question: What happens if my teen loses their aligner or forgets to put them on?
Well with Invisalign if you have an active teen that is always losing things, Invisalign has got you covered. Invisalign for Teens will provide up to six FREE replacements just in case it gets "misplaced". Having a 14yr old in my household, he is always misplacing items only for them to turn up days later. Which is actually just fine! If you teen accidentally forgets to put them on, or they get misplaced for a few days, it's okay. As long as the aligners are not out for a long period of time, your teens teeth will still come out looking great.

Question: How much does Invisalign for Teens cost?
Worried about the cost of Invisalign, well you'll be happy to know that it doesn't cost much more than traditional braces. Depending on your needs the average only runs about $5,000 and is covered by most dental plans.  If your dental insurance doesn't cover Invisalign for Teens you can get onto an affordable monthly payment plan. Click HERE to go directly to Invisalign to estimate what your monthly payments would be.

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Sweepstakes Overview:
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 **I have been paid for this review, but all opinions are mine. I researched, read up on it, and got as much info as I could before I typed this up. This is something that I'm considering getting for myself and my children.