May 14, 2012

Beauty Corner Reviews - Maybelline Color Tattoo


So one of my fans on Facebook recommended this brand of shadow to me so I went out and got one. These are about $5.50 at Target and with a $1.00 off coupon I bought the one I liked the most. This blue really is as vibrant as it looks. Normally when you use flash it is much brighter than in real life, no so with this shadow. This shadow was my first try at using a cream shadow. There really isn't much difference between powder and cream shadows, for me anyway.

I applied it and it went on smoothly and easily. This was just after one application, how cool is that? It has a lot of shimmer and didn't fade for hours. I will be buying more colors because they are that good. I'm so glad that one of you guys recommended them. If you have any other products you'd like me to try out, feel free to share it with me!