May 14, 2012

Beauty Corner Reviews: FASH Brushes

FASH Brushset

So while looking around on I came across this brushset. Now if I'm going to be more serious about doing my make-up I need a good set of brushes, right? Well they had good reviews and were only $6 for the set, so why not?! First off the shipping was really fast and they were packaged well. I have heard stories about brushes smelling weird, but these didn't have a smell at all. There were 5 brushes in the set and unlike others mine have not broken or lost bristles. I haven't used the brow brush or the big brush, as I really don't know what to do with them. This was a great starter set, but I've begun to realize that I need different brushes to achieve different looks. Overall, for the value it was a great but and I really recommend them.