May 14, 2012

Beauty Corner Reviews - Nicole by OPI


So when I saw this in Target it was calling my name. I don't have many glitter polishes so decided I'd get more. When I saw the tiny hearts I just had to buy it. Well first off its cute, really it is, but and it is a huge but - it is a pain to get those hearts! I ended up spending way more time trying to get some hearts onto the brush than it took for everything to dry. I actually broke the brush a bit because I was trying so hard. In the end I got a whole lot of cute little glitter and a couple of hearts. It still is super cute, but wish there was more hearts to go around. Now for the durability, it was fantastic. I scrubbed the counters and washed a huge load of dishes two days after I first applied it. I only had one casualty and the polish peeled off cleanly from my nail. The other nails still have all their hearts and it is now been 4 days. I honestly thought I'd lose them so I'm pretty pleased with it.

As you can see I have at least two hearts per each finger. This is $7.45 at Target and with that $1.00 coupon that came in the paper this week, go ahead and "splurge" a little.