April 20, 2012

Beauty Corner Reviews - LA Colors


So was sitting here bored last night and decided to go ahead and play with the L.A. Colors palette I bought from Family Dollar. This was only $1.50 and I didn't expect it to do that well. The colors are really playful and very shimmery. The colors I used were the pink, blue, and green. I'll definitely be using it for the orange and yellow as well. I'm thinking yellow, blue, and green should go nicely together. Anyway I had pretty low expectations and wow, the colors did pop. They were pretty vibrant in the beginning and went on really smoothly. They were super easy to blend and last a few hours before I had to do a touch up. For $1.50 these were surprisingly good and I will be buying another palette soon.


A little tip my sis in law told me...in order to get that straight line, put a piece of scotch tape! Ha, who knew!? Aren't the colors so pretty? Only problem I had is that the powder can be kind of loose leaving it everywhere, but it wasn't too much of an issue.

So if you've been on the fence about buying these, don't be scared. They work great especially for a nice evening out.