April 20, 2012

Beauty Corner - Maybelline Eyeshadows


I used three different colors to make this look and used two different types of Maybelline shadow. The first was Expert Wear - Antique Jade. It is a deep pine green with just a little shimmer. I then used Shadow Stylist - Trendy Blue to offset it. I think it looks pretty nice together and I think its pretty successful. I'm totally new at putting on make-up so its not the cleanest look. 

The shadows blended well, but like I said in my review before, the brush on the Shadow Stylist shadows are just to round and it's hard to get it precise. To darken things up a bit I used Shadow Stylist - Sultry Black in the crease to add some shadow to it. The colors all blended well and didn't pop as much as I had hoped. Either way I was pretty happy about the look What do you think? Does any of you readers have any look that you would like me to try? I'm open to trying new and crazy looks!