April 19, 2012



So I was pretty lucky to get one of these in a prize pack I had won. My niece and I immediately went outside to try it out. The glasses were a bit snug on my niece and totally tight on me, but we're more grown than the typical 4yr old. We did our drawings and looked into the glasses and it was fantastic. While the 3D wasn't too 3D, it was enough for the kids to be totally amazed.

I think my biggest gripe was the size of the chalk. For the smaller ones it was hard to hold and even I found it a little heavy when trying to draw. Also one of the chalks broke when my nephew was drawing with it. It was a clean break up the middle so I guess it was okay. 

It washed off easily and whatever was left was cleaned off by the rain we had. Overall the kids loved them and have played with them tons of times. I'm always having to hide the glasses because they're always grabbing them. I think if Crayola sold those by themselves the kids would want them. I won't lie and say I haven't played with them myself...I have.

You can find these at most major stores like Walmart, Target, and Walgreens.