December 11, 2014

Easy Off Oven Cleaner Product Review

gross roasting/broiler pan
I was sent a $5 Walmart Gift Card by Smiley360 in order to do this review. I had a choice between the different Easy Off Oven Cleaner varieties: Fume Free Trigger, Fume Free Spray, Heavy Duty, BBQ Grill Cleaner, and Cooktop Cleaner.

 My father pretty much lives alone so he cooks and cleans for himself. I know there are things that get neglected, one being the oven, so I decided I'd try and clean it for him. Well I don't know what I got myself into because wow, that oven was a mess! But before all this I had to head to Wal-Mart and buy some Easy-Off to try out. The $5 gift card was more than enough to cover the product and taxes. I can honestly say I don't normally shop at Wal-Mart. The lines are always horrendous and most times the cashiers are hard to work with. This is not a generalization of all Wal'Mart shopping, this is just about my own area store that I normally avoid like the plague.

Like I mentioned above there are 5 different varieties to choose from and Wal-Mart had all of them available. The first two are the same product just in different packages. Easy Off Fume Free comes in a trigger spray and regular can spray. This type of Easy-Off is better for every day use so your oven doesn't get bad enough for the Heavy Duty cleaner. The trigger spray can be used in more ways than the can spray and doesn't need gloves, but both are fume free and leave a light lemon scent in the air. The BBQ cleaner is obviously made specifically for your grill, and would be a must for summer time grilling. It is safe to use on all types of grills as well as stainless steal, and aluminum/non-chrome pots and pans. The cooktop cleaner won't scratch or leave a residue on your cooktop, and is safe for all cooktops. It also can be used on glass-ceramic, enamel, stainless steel and chrome.

inside back of oven, before and after
The last is Heavy Duty which is obviously for those really bad messes that you need a little oomph to clean up. Because it seemed like my dad's oven had never been cleaned I opted for this choice. Gloves are a definite must and I advise you to open up a window or door when you use it. Even with the door open the fumes were a bit intense. I can say I never really knew what the roast/broiling pan was. I knew there was a little handle at the bottom of the stove and some weird looking grill thing down there. By the way, that grill thing was filthy! It must had had years worth of whatever built up on it. I hadn't realized it was supposed to be blue-gray until I started cleaning it. One thing that wasn't mentioned is the time needed to clean anything other than your oven. I was left to estimate the time needed to clean the broiler pan. I sprayed it on and left it for 5 minutes and scrubbed it. I noticed it was still dirty so sprayed it again and left it for another 5 minutes. The results are fantastic, not really surprising, and so now I moved onto the oven. Again I can not stress the need for ventilation when using this. If you're oven is as filthy as my dad's was be prepared to use a lot of spray. Obviously that means you are going to have quite a bit of fumes in the air so take care so you don't breath it in. I covered my face while spraying the oven down and it was still pretty intense.
Oven door, before and after
It says on the can that all you need is 5 minutes for it to get to cleaning. Well I know that oven is going to need more than just 5 minutes. I feel like a horrible daughter knowing that my dad was essentially cooking in a death trap. That oven looks one step away from igniting on all the grease and going up in a big ball of flames. So this review couldn't come at a more better time for me. I knew going into this I'd be in for the long haul. I also wondered why the men in my family can't seem to find time to clean their ovens. My brother's oven is not as bad, but certainly was getting worse before I went by to clean it. I thought it would be a hard job, but thankfully with Easy-Off it was just that - easy! I sprayed the oven and left it to sit overnight. The next day I got a little hot water and started scrubbing. I was amazed at how dirty the oven was, and how easily the built up grease was coming off. I changed the water a few times and kept at it. The oven was looking great! There were just a few spots that had some build up still, but I can spray those down at a later time.

Overall, I'm totally impressed with Easy-Off Oven Cleaner. It definitely will continue to be used in my household and my father's house as well. I'm actually going back to get the fume free to keep at both houses to use on a regular basis. Easy-Off Oven Cleaners are all under $5.00 in my area and are totally worth every penny!

Disclaimer: I was sent a $5 gift card to Wal-Mart to buy this product for free. I was provided it by Smiley360 and Easy-Off for this review. All opinions are my own and no further compensation was given.