September 26, 2013

Olay Shine Shine Go Away Cleanser

I received the Olay Fresh Effects Shine, Shine Go Away in my #ParadiseVoxbox courtesy of Influenster. I am always open to trying new facial cleansers because you never really know for sure if there is something out there better for your skin.

So when I opened it up to try the first thing I did was smell it. I'm huge on smells and if I don't like the smell of something I find it very hard to use it. It has a good clean scent, not medicine-y or even too soapy. The texture was stiff and creamy, and the color is a silvery gray. Now one thing to mention is that a little definitely goes a long way. I got my normal amount that I would use in my other facial cleansers and because its so stiff, I really had to work with it. If you get too much at once it is a bit difficult to lather up. So when the directions say get a small amount, they definitely mean it. It is meant to be like a mask, which I'm guessing is why it's so dense.

I have problematic skin, some cleanser give me major issues. They can burn, cause redness, itchiness - etc. This didn't at all, although I'm not really sure its made for people with sensitive skin. I can tell you that if you do have sensitive skin, you could still probably use this. The fragrance isn't very strong so it won't irritate your skin. It does have kaolin clay and witch hazel in it, so if those ingredients give you problems then its best not to use this.

I think Shine, Shine Go Away works best for those who suffer from oily skin. I am one such person and have tried many things to try and get a handle on my oily skin. This actually works and gives my skin a smooth, almost matte finish. I know it's not really matte, but my skin isn't shiny either! It feels clean and looks clean, no shininess on my nose and forehead. No splotchy, shiny redness on my cheeks either, just clean good looking skin.

The prices range anywhere from $6.99 to $8.99, occasionally it does go on sale, or there are coupons in the Sunday paper. Either way you should still try it out if you're looking for a facial cleanser that is tough on dirt, but not on your skin.

Olay Fresh Effects has seven products in the line, and I've tried three of them: Shine, Shine Go Away, Bead Me Up Exfoliating Cleanser, S'Wipe Out Make-up Cloths. I can assure you that they are all really great products. If you are a looking for a great new facial cleanser then I'd highly recommend checking out Shine, Shine Go Away.

Disclaimer: I received this product in the Influenster #ParadiseVoxbox for the sole purpose of reviewing it. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.