August 22, 2013

Noxicare Natural Pain Relief Cream Review & Giveaway


So I was very fortunate to work with Noxicare and try out their Natural Pain Relief Cream. Noxicare's natural pain relief cream is specially formulated to target three types of pain: muscle aches, nerve pain, and inflammation. I hate always having to take medicines in order to get rid of my pain. It sort of worries me that I may take too much over time and end up worse in the end. So being able to use some cream to get rid of my chronic pain is a definite plus. One of the biggest pluses for me is that there is no smell. I hate how some of those pain creams have an offensive odor. They may work just as well, but that smell keeps me from using them. Well you definitely don't have to worry about that with Noxicare because its completely odorless!

The cream is really smooth and rich and not greasy at all. It absorbs super fast which means its reaching your aches that much quicker. It's really convenient for me especially now that I'm watching my nephew for my brother and sis-in-law. I don't want to have to wait for a cream to work before I can pick him up. Which is another reason why I love that its natural. I don't want a whole bunch of harmful chemicals around him. Especially now that he is teething and putting everything in his mouth - especially my hands. It never seems to fail, I pick him up and before I know it his mouth is biting down on my hand. Can you imagine if he did that and one of those other creams were on my hand?

So what natural ingredients is Noxicare Pain Relief Cream made of - tumeric, willow bark, ginger, holy basil, rosemary extract, alpha lipoic acids, and boswellia extract. I know some of those spices are in your spice cabinet right now, as they're in mine. I knew they tasted good, but didn't know that they also helped take away my aches and pains.
Here is a more extensive description of some of the ingredients and what they are used for.
  • Tumeric: With Tumeric studies have shown that it may help reduce the pain with its anti-inflammatory properties help to naturally relieve pain associated with arthritis by reducing inflammation in the joints. 
  • Willow Bark: Willow Bark is an herb that I don't know much about, but did you know it has been used for natural pain relief and inflammation since the time of Ancient Egypt and Greece. 
  • Ginger: Helps relieve muscle pains, arthritis and rheumatism, and is a catalyst for improving the effectiveness of other herbs. Ginger is also great in a lot of recipes, honestly its just a great herb. 
  • Rosemary Extract: The Ancient Egyptians knew to relieve musculoskeletal pain by rubbing rosemary extract oil into their skin. If its been used for that long, then they obviously are on to something. 
  • Holy Basil: Holy Basil's properties include anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial and antiviral. 
  • Boswellia Extract: Boswellia extracts is something I've never heard of and was surprised to know that they have been used to treat back pain. 
  • Alpha Lipoic Acids: Alpha Lipoic Acid is a natural pain relief antioxidant made by every cell in the body, can't get more natural than that.
While Noxicare may be a little more expensive than your regular pain cream - you can't beat that its all natural. With people worrying more and more about what they put in and on their bodies, you can rest assured that Noxicare won't make you sick while making you better.

If you want to find out more information about Noxicare and their great product then check out their website: You will definitely be happy that you did because it is a truly natural product that really works. You can also head on over to the Noxicare Facebook Page and follow them. They sometimes have their own giveaways so you can try their product out for free. 

Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.