July 3, 2013

Food Review: Hail Mary Seeds

I was sent a bag of Hail Merry's Sunflower seeds by Swaggable and wow were they awesome! Hail Merry Sunflower Seeds are dehydrated at a low temperature to protect their natural oils and then salt and pepper are added to give them an extra kick. They're vegan, gluten-free, and gmo and super healthy for you. They are not the type of sunflower seeds that you'll find in the convenience stores loaded with tons of salt. You really get a natural crunch and flavor when eating them. I don't think I ever noticed the great flavor that sunflower seeds have. I do have an unhealthy addiction to the salt laden sunflower seeds sold at convenience and groceries stores, but all I've ever tasted was salt.

Now they are more expensive than the $0.99 sunflower seeds, but don't let the price tag scare you. They are so full of flavor and added to salads, granola, or just having a handful will make it totally worth it. Sadly I ate my whole bag before even getting a chance to snap pictures of them. They were so good and I really wish I had more bags because one just wasn't enough. I tossed some in my salad and it added crunch and flavor as celtic sea salt and black pepper added some extra seasoning. These could definitely become a guilty pleasure of mine because they're just that good!

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Disclaimer: I received one bag of Hail Merry Sunflower seeds for the sole purpose of reviewing them. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.