July 19, 2013

Beauty Review: Essie Nail Polish

So I normally I tend to choose polish on the lower end of the price range, but this time I grabbed some Essie. It can now be found in Walgreens and Target which means I see it A LOT. So I bit the bullet and bought me a couple. At $8 dollars I had to pick colors that I totally loved, it had to be a commitment. So the two I chose were "Dive Bar" and "Can't Filmfest" because they were totally calling my name.

I got them home and had to play with them right away. First off they were a little "runny" compared to other polishes, but I tried them on anyway. The first choice I made was "Dive Bar", it is a blue shimmer with black undertones and it's absolutely wonderful. I loved the way it changes color in the light. You have to put two coats on for this to be solid though. I tried with just one coat and it was completely uneven. It does dry superfast though.

Now for "Can't Filmfest", it's a super bright pink with a slight blue undertone. It's not typically a color that I would go for, but I was feeling bold. It's so wonderfully pink and thankfully my skin color goes with it nicely. lol Again you need 2 coats to cover and don't forget your topcoat!

Overall I think they are an okay value at $8 and will last at least 10 days, which for me is a very good reason to buy. Don't be scared to bite the bullet and buy your own Essie Polish/ Lacquer.