May 24, 2013

Where Are the Dinos? Review

I was very fortunate to be able to share this book with the kiddos. I received it through my kindle as an ebook. The colors are so vivid and definitely meant to catch a little ones eyes. The words are typed in a big easy to read font, perfect for young readers. The story is engaging and is a really fun way to learn about rhyming words.

Throughout the book the question is asked, "Where are the Dinos?" Well sadly I don't think they're having a great party somewhere. The kids don't need to know that yet, all I know is they had fun reading this book. Even the older kiddos checked it out and did the fun activities at the end of the book.

 Yup, there are lots of fun facts and activities at the end of the book to keep the fun going. I printed out a few copes of each page so we could all do them. I even did them! Who knew that dinos lived over 160 million years ago? And I thought I was old.

About the Author:
Julia Dweck has 20 amazon e-books all aimed towards elementary school children. They're all fun educational books with a range of genres: from humor to fantasy, but all of them fun. I think its really important to make learning fun for kids. Julia has a background in elementary education which is why she is so great at writing books geared towards them. She has worked with some of the leading artists in the world of children's literature. She has also worked with Penguin Young Readers, a publishing house a lot of us recognize.

More Info:
You can find more of Julia Dweck's books here at her website: JuleLoves2Write.
You can also purchase her books over on Julia Dweck Books

*Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book as a gift from a giveaway. I was not asked to do a review nor was it required of me. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received or given.