May 27, 2013

Palmolive Soft Touch Review


I was really fortunate to be chosen to review Palmolive's Soft Touch dishwashing liquid - courtesy of Influenster. First off I am a hand washer, yup sadly no dishwasher here so I end up washing dishes at least twice a day. With having such a large household, 8 members to be exact, we go through liquid like crazy. It's been a bit difficult to find a liquid that will clean all my dishes, leave no grease, and doing in the most economical way. Dishwashing liquid can be expensive so I don't have to time to waste money on liquids that just don't work.

Sure I've tried some of those $1 liquids, but at the end of the day the bottle is half done and my hands are drier than the Mojave Desert. That's pretty darn dry! So when I got this pretty green box in the mail my heart lept, yes it really did. I've used Palmolive before, but had always stuck to the original in the green bottle. It wasn't as harsh on my hands as the cheap brands were though.

The first one I grabbed to try was the "Coconut Butter". First off the smell is amazing and it's pretty strong so you smell it while you're washing your dishes. It leaves your kitchen smelling so good afterwards so who needs air freshner? The first thing I did notice was that the liquid itself was milky and looser than the regular liquid. It kind of worried me because I wasn't sure that it would have the same grease fighting quality as the original. I grabbed my sponge and dabbed a little liquid on there. It lathered up nicely and actually was able to clean all my cups before having to add some more soap. After I was done there was still a lot of liquid left, well duh, and my dishes not only were clean, but like I said above my kitchen smelled great! Now the smell doesn't really transfer to your dishes though because I smelled them. Especially the plastics which tend to hold any god awful smell. Nope there was no smell as the soap washes off completely leaving everything squeeky clean.

Next up was the Vitamin E which was actually pretty hard to use because the OCD person in me was going crazy. Use a new bottle when you still have a whole bottle sitting right there on your kitchen counter?! Oh the humanity, what a world....what a world. I took some deep breaths and got my sponge ready for some Vitamin E soft touch. Like its coconut butter brethren it too was milky, but creamy at the same time. The scent is much lighter than the coconut butter which kind of made me sad. I mean you see that pink color and you think of either something really fruity or really floral. Sadly it was neither and wish it had smelled a bit stronger. Now I had some high hopes for this one because it's got the Vitamin E in it. It must make your hands feel so soft like a baby's bottom. It too performed much like its distant cousin regular green Palmolive and left my dishes clean and sparkling. But did it do any better than the coconut butter on making my hands soft? Not really, actually they were pretty much the same which isn't really a bad thing. It does what it says it would do, make your hands softer. Or at least softer than they would normally be if you used regular soap. 

This was the one that I ended up giving to my sis in law. I think out of the two I preferred the coconut butter because the smell was just so good.  I'm not saying that the Vitamin E was subpar just that I favored the other more. That's all, nothing bad to see here folks. Oh and let's not mention to the SIL that I used the soap. She did mention it looking "low" like someone had used it, but no one would ever gift something that had been used...right? 

A back shot of the bottles - Tough on Grease!

Now I don't want you to think that these dishwashing soaps are supposed to replace your handy dandy lotion, because they won't. No don't expect some miracle to happen and that your hands will be transformed each time you use Soft Touch. That's not what they're saying - they're saying compared to other REGULAR soaps Palmolive Soft Touch will leave your hands feeling softer -- which they do. My hands weren't all completely dried out making me slather on mounds of lotion. I just needed a little dab here and there, which for me is a great improvement. Also compared to other premium brands Palmolive is really affordable. I normally go crazy and stock up buying at least 8 bottles when  get the chance. It's a great soap and Palmolive Soft Touch is a great soap too with a little extra kick.  They also come out with great coupons to help you save when buying their products. Influenster included 5 in my box which I shared 4 of them with family. Well I had to keep one so I could try out the last variety in the bunch: Soft Touch with Aloe. 

Want your own bottle of Palmolive Soft Touch? Then head on over to Walmart and buy yourself a bottle...or more.

Have you tried Palmolive's Soft Touch dish soap and have a review of your own? Then feel free to go HERE and leave your own review! 

Disclaimer: I received these products for the sole purpose of reviewing them. All opinions are my own and no further compensation was received.