February 24, 2013

Shadows Over Taralon Book Review

Shadows Over Taralon
by Jacquelyn Webb

Shadows Over Taralon is not your regular romance story, its a mystery as well. Jacquelyn Webb really did a great job in combining the two genres into one smooth plot. Jenny Flemming is a strong willed young woman hired by Bill Williams to help with book keeping as well as a caretaker for his children. Bill owns a seemingly prosperous horse ranch and is a widower after his wife died in a car accident. Jenny finds out really quick that things aren't what they seem at the horse ranch. She also runs into Bill's brother, Wayne, and finds she has a little interest in him. Things see to be going alright until cattle starts missing and the Williams' race horse gets poisoned. Jenny obviously has to get to the bottom of the things. Well let's just say she does and she may have to pay for it. 

I am new to Jacqueline Webb's writings and she definitely didn't disappoint. It was a great short read that had me guessing until the end. I really would like to see more on what happened after the story with Jenny. It was pretty safe as it had no sexual acts or even swear words. Pretty tame in that sense when it comes to romance novels. So if you're looking for a sweet romance with some mystery thrown in then check out "Shadows Over Taralon" by Jacqueline Webb.