February 24, 2013

Mirrored Book Review


Mirrored has a lot going on - murder, suspense, romance, and voodoo? Set in Thibodaux, Louisiana on an old plantation that was the scene of double murders. It's new owner, Christine Albright, doesn't know what she is getting into. She meets the only survivor of the murder, Celestine Badeau who is now a teenager and seems to have more in common with Christine than she knows. Both women have had a run in with some bad paranormal stuff, and I definitely wouldn't want to be either of them.
Meeting Celestine actually opens up some really bad old wounds for Christine and it threatens to undermine everything she has overcome thus far. Thrown into the mix is a budding romance with a gentleman named Jonathon. The paranormal element in the story is well written and thought out. This book could have made out well without the romance part in it because it kind of hurts it. The way Jonathan and Christine address each other kind of turned me off. I really couldn't deal with someone calling me honey, sweetheart, and darling when I've just met them. Also the length of their romance left a sour taste in my mouth. It was just way too short for me to see a couple falling that deep in love in such a short period of time. That could just be my opinion, but for me it would not be the norm. 

Overall the supernatural elements save this story as I loved being scared at 1am after reading it. Those parts were really put together well and if Frederick were to rewrite the romance part, I'd be completely sold.