February 23, 2013

Nabi Polish Review

Nabi "Bronze"

Without Flash
So I have seen Nabi on amazon.com and just hadn't thought to try one out. Well while I was walking around the flea market I saw a lady with polishes. Now I think I used a considerable amount of restraint to not buy the 100 bottles she had spread out on a table. Seriously it was like polish heaven and at $1.00 I was ready to buy. Alas I didn't have $100 on me and so had to choose between the polishes at which one would get to come home with me. Now I love metallic polishes so this one by Nabi caught my eye. I gave the lady my money and off I went, I ended up leaving with only 6 polishes! Proud of me, right?

Anyway i have no experience with Nabi as it isn't available in the regular stores, though I haven't noticed it in Sally's either. It had mixed reviews on amazon.com so was a little wary about the overall quality. But glad I bought my own bottle and judged for myself because it is a great polish. The color is really bright and has an orange base with flecks of golden yellow. Its like a shiny bright new penny color, so nice. It went on smoothly, though it was a bit streaky. I think that is how a lot of metallic polishes are though because I've had that issue before. It isn't a big deal to me as I kind of like how it looks; gives it a great texture.  As I haven't seen them in store hard to say what their price is though it ranges from $4 - $6 online. Still really affordable and an overall good polish.