February 23, 2013

Julep Polishes Review

Julep "Glenn & Sarah"

 So these were from the month of February as well, but part of a separate box from the maven box. It came with 4 polishes which included a silver metallic and white cracked polish.


Glenn is a sweet metallic reddish polish. It looks a more like hot pink with the flash on but it really leans more towards red than pink in regular light. Like with most Julep polishes the polish went on smoothly and required two coats. Lasted about 4 days before chipping!


So Sarah is a glitter polish with a creamy pink base. The glitter is holographic and very small so it is pretty much blended into Glenn. I think if it was a bit bigger glitter then it would have shined so much more. Either way it went on easily and one coat is shown over Glenn in the photos.