January 5, 2013

Bic Mark It


Was so happy to get this mission from Smiley360 because I love markers. Yes - markers, pens, color pencils, and crayons are always in abundance in my house. I horde them for myself for those times when I want to go back to my childhood days. Yup I like to color, its pretty therapeutic for me.

This mission I was given the task to make a snowman ornament from a light bulb. I stared at the light bulb and sat there for a moment.I was drawing blank, how would I make a cool ornament snowman out of a light bulb. So to google I went! I searched  to get a general idea and then set out to work. I knew I'd have to paint the bulb before it went onto the tree because it wasn't really white. Then I thought well that isn't really safe for my household. I have 5 kiddos and 2 furry babies so need to make sure they're safe and sound. My dogs love to look out the window and with my 10yr old 99lb pitbull his tail is like a catapult to any nearby ornaments. So that's when my next idea hit me...paper mache! This would make it a little more sturdier and safer for the kids. Also would make it easier to paint and glue.

Now I hadn't even done a paper mache anything since middle school. I had to look it up in order to get the recipe to make it.
Paper Mache:
1 part water and 2 parts flour
Shred paper, newspaper, tissues

That's about it, pretty easy right? Then there was the issue of there only being one light bulb in the pack. Which I easily remedied with searching the house for burnt out light bulbs. I was in luck because I found 3 more!

I was feeling totally inspired and decided that I would be making a penguin and a snowman ornament. My niece wanted to make a turkey ornament for whatever reason only known to her. So we got to work. Thankfully Bic sent us everything we would need to make some pretty awesome ornaments. I took the light bulbs and covered those suckers with the paper mache. It was nice and messy for the kids, which they thoroughly enjoyed. After we had made a huge mess with the paper mache we let the light bulbs sit and dry. I let them sit over night and found they still weren't completely dry in the morning. This was probably because it was pretty cold in the kitchen so it took a little longer.

It was okay though and when they were dry my niece and I snatched them up before the boys even noticed. So I found that we didn't have any paint in the house...none what so ever! I don't know what happened to all the paint but I figured it was alright. The penguin would have a lot of black, the turkey brown, and the snowman - well snow isn't always pure white, right? So I figured the snowWOMAN would be made using Texas snow, which as everyone knows in South Texas there isn't such a thing as snow. It's like this mythical creature that only exists in our imaginations. Yes the closest thing we get are snow flurries which lightly coats the ground and turns the dry dirt into mud. This would be a snowwoman made out of that.

So I grabbed my markers and went to work on the penguin, the black was really solid and I only needed on coat to cover the paper mache completely. I then got the felt and cut out some strips to make some scarves for the penguin and snowwoman. I then cut some tiny circles for the eyes, and a couple circles for the cheeks of my snowwoman. I really felt inspired by the wide array of colors that you get in the 36pk. Seriously who knew yellow could look so different.

When all was said and done we had three uber cute ornaments and we had a ball. My niece was able to peel herself from the tv and actually do something that required a little more thought. I'm so glad we got chosen for this mission. I still use the markers, in fact, we used them to color/paint some figurines that I got for Christmas, but that's a whole nother post.

Disclaimer: I received the 36pk of Bic Mark-Its for the purpose of doing a review from Smiley360 and Bic. All opinions are my own and no further compensation was received.