September 20, 2012

WNW Fergie Polish


Wet N Wild Fergie's "Hollywood Walk of Fame" polish is a star glitter polish. It has different colored stars as well as confetti glitter.It has a very thick base which made it kind of hard to deal with. It is packed with the star glitter, it's just a bit difficult getting the stars to go where you want them to. Because of that I just got a toothpick and literally picked the stars out of the polish. It was a bit messy, but not too much.

 The first coat was basically me picking out the stars and where I wanted them to go. The second and third coat was just for getting the extra glitter added on. I did pick out any extra stars that happened to come out. I really do like the way it looks, just wished that maybe there were smaller stars as well. I think if they were smaller then they would have come out easier. Either way for $3.99 it was a huge bargain and it is still super cute!

This is a perfect polish for a really cute girly polish. This is "Hollywood Walk of Fame" over NYC's "Classic Coral Creme". Isn't it super cute and totally 80's?? Seriously I see that picture and I think of that one cartoon series, Gems.